Math and Computer Science Introduction to Computer Science

Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute
Upper Grand District School Board
Course Outline
Department: Math and Computer Science
Course Title: Introduction to Computer Science
Course Type: College
Grade: 11
Course Code: ICS3C
Credit Value: 1.0
Department Head: Glen McMillan
Teachers: Monique Klaassen
Teacher email: (not mandatory)
Date of Development: Sept. 3, 2015
Curriculum Document: (copy subject-specific
document from secondary curriculum
secondary/computer10to12_2008.pdf (pg
47 - 53)
Course Prerequisites/Corequisites:
Course Description:
This course introduces students to computer programming concepts and practices.
Students will write and test computer programs, using various problem-solving
strategies. They will learn the fundamentals of program design and apply a software
development life-cycle model to a software development project. Students will also
learn about computer environments and systems, and explore environmental issues
related to computers, safe computing practices, emerging technologies, and
opportunities in computer-related fields.
Term Work (70% of the final mark)
Unit Title
Big Ideas
Unit Culminating Tasks
Unit 1 - Intro. to Programming Structures
intro to basic structures
unit test
Unit 2 - advanced loops and if statements
repetition, conditional structures
unit assignment, test
Unit 3 - methods
re-usability of code
unit assignment, test
Unit 4 - pulling it all together
using all structures to solve problems
unit assignments
Culminating Tasks/Exams (30% or the final mark)
Course Culminating Task/Exams
Final Exam
Based on the range of students’ learning needs, a selection from the strategies listed below may be
utilized. Refer to list of teaching and assessment strategies.
Teaching Strategies:
Assessment and evaluation strategies:
Textbooks/Learning Resource Materials (align with Policy 603)
Fees for Learning Materials/Activities
Learning Materials/Activities
Please refer to the GCVI Student Handbook for our school policies on:
● academic integrity
● late and missed assignments
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