• no calculator in C1 × 6 ≠ 42

MEI Conference July 2008
Discussion on C1 and C2
Some issues arising from C1 exams
no calculator in C1
o errors in basic arithmetic eg fractions, negative numbers, 7 × 6 ≠ 42
o difficulty in squaring eg long methods for 2.52 or 2.52 = 4.25 seen instead of
(5/2)2 = 25/4 = 6.25
use of time
sketch graphs
o often done on graph paper (not on list of materials now, but some centres still issue)
o difference between sketching and drawing often not appreciated
basic algebra
o lack of facility in basic manipulation / lack of confidence from weak candidates eg
problems with factorising
o elegance of solutions from many strong candidates
use of C2 topics
when to enter
o Jan yr 12 or June yr 12? Pros and cons of Jan entry for weak candidates
o retakes Jan/June yr 13
Some issues arising from C2 exams
use of long methods, especially in trigonometry
o degrees not radians
logarithms and the linear law
o lack of facility affecting differentiation and integration
not showing sufficient detail of method
calculator errors such as premature rounding; mode for trigonometry
lack of mathematical maturity
Resources available
Past papers
Examiners’ reports
C1/C2 textbook
C1 revision guide
C1 and C2 ask the examiner jm MEI conf/ july 08
MEI practice papers
MEI Module summary sheets
MEI Examination question analysis sheets
Personal Tutor CD