You are looking at a picture on a vertical wall.

You are looking at a picture on a vertical wall.
The bottom of the picture is 0.5 m above your
eye level and the top of the picture is 2.5 m
above your eye level. As you walk towards
the picture you notice that the visual angle,
θ , increases and then decreases.
Where should you
stand to maximise θ ?
β θ
2.5 m
0.5 m
OCR AS/A Level in Mathematics
B (MEI) and OCR AS/A Level in
Further Mathematics B (MEI) for
teaching from 2017
From 2017, AS and A level Mathematics and
Further Mathematics are required to have a
greater emphasis on modelling, problem solving,
reasoning and integration of technology, and
statistics will have a new focus on interpretation
of data. These are features that MEI has been
promoting for many years.
What’s so special about these
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From its first A level examination in 1967, to its
present A level specification, MEI has produced
coherent and innovative syllabuses. We are
continuing this tradition with the new OCR(MEI)
AS and A level specifications.
MEI is a registered charity; our vision
is to make a real difference to people’s
lives by improving the quality of
mathematics education
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