March, 2013 Waverley Drive Public School

Waverley Drive Public School
March, 2013
Waverley Lions’ Pride Focus for March is “RESPECT”
Principal’s Message
Please mark March 27, 2013 on your personal calendars and plan to attend Brett
Friesen’s workshop which deals with Mental Health. We will meet in the school’s library
at 7:00p.m. Brett works at Trellis and he will be discussing adolescent mental health
and communication. As parents, we are always looking for strategies to assist our
children and Mental Health is a topic that is emerging within our schools in Ontario.
Plan on attending and your friends are also welcome to join us.
We have finally created a sign up link on our Web Site that will allow our families to
get email reminders about our newsletters and to join the Waverley emailing list. It is
our hope to get as many families as possible to join our list. Follow the directions on
the link and you will be added as a contact. Our past link did not work properly and we
finally have moved in the right direction.
If you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate in calling me at 519 824-7742.
Larry Lacey
A reminder to all parents that March Break will run from
March 11th to 15th. Students will return to school on
Monday, March 18th.
Have a wonderful March Break with your family!
Phone Calls
1. Recently there have been a number of phone calls from parents asking to give
their children messages. Please try to organize your day in the morning before
your children come to school. Please do not rely on the office to pass messages
to your children. In the course of a busy day, sometimes the messages get
forgotten. It is not possible to interrupt classes for personal messages. We do
understand that emergencies happen.
2. When calling in your child’s absence for the day, please use extension 100 to
record the absence instead of pressing 0 to get to the office. We do appreciate
the fact that you do call, it is just easier to get all of the messages at one time
off of the voice mail.
3. When you wish to leave a message for a staff member please remember to use
the voice mail that each staff member has. A list was sent out at the beginning
of the year for your reference. You may also use the directory.
Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.
Beach Day
Beach Day date is Friday, March 8, 2013
Wear your flip-flops, sun hat and other beach attire
Kindergarten Registration for September 2013
We have been accepting registrations for Junior and Senior Kindergarten for next fall.
If you know of anyone with a child who will be four years of age (JK) or five years of
age (SK) by December 31, 2013, please let them know that they may come to the school
for a registration package. Students who attended Waverley Drive Public School for
JK this year do not have to register for Senior Kindergarten.
Ottawa trip
3rd Payment due March 6th
Graduation Pictures
Tuesday, March 26th 9:00am
Boys please wear a white collared shirt and
tie, girls please wear a white blouse. Bring your smile !
Green Legacy Primary Seed Planting
On March 18th a representative from the Green Legacy Program will be visiting our
school to hold a workshop on the benefit and importance of trees. Following the
workshop the intermediate students will help our primary students plant small trees.
The primary students will nurture the saplings for the remainder of the school year
watching them grow. At the end of June, Green Legacy will take the trees back to
their greenhouse where they will plant them in our community.
Nature in the Neighbourhood Hikes
Grade 5 & 6 students in Mrs. Koop’s class and Ms Presant’s class are keen to learn lots
about the natural world. With the help of our Nature in the Neighbourhood guide,
Rebecca, we have observed insects and gone “birding” with binoculars. We have 4 more
hikes planned this year lots of opportunity to explore the Speed River trails & wooded
areas and to develop our skills of observation & our love of the natural world.
March 2013
March is Nutrition Month
Eat like a champion!
Soccer, dance, hockey, swimming… Whatever activities your child enjoys, feeling good is what
it’s all about. You need three nutrients in your diet for long-lasting energy; carbohydrates,
protein and some fat. Choose a variety of food from each of the four food groups from Canada’s
Food Guide, meals should contain at least 3 food groups and snacks should contain at least 2.
The more colour on your plate, the more vitamins and minerals you’ll take in.
Pack a Snack!
A small, mostly carbohydrate snack before a game or activity can give your child the energy they
need such as fresh fruit mixed with yoghurt and a couple handfuls of trail mix.
Stay Hydrated!
Not drinking enough water can slow your child down. Water is the best drink to have before and
after playing sports and games. Milk and smoothies can boost hydration too. Avoid other
beverages such as energy or sports drinks, juices and cocktails.
Stay Active. Eat Like a Champion!
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
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