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A bank loans $285,000 to a development
company to purchase three real estate
properties. If one of the properties costs
$45,000 more than the other and the third
costs twice the sum of the other two
properties, set up a system of equations and
solve it to find the cost of each property.
An instructor wants to create an exam with
T/F questions, multiple choice questions, and
short answer questions. The exam should
contain 35 questions all together, with twice
as many multiple choice questions as short
answer questions, and with twice as many
T/F questions as multiple choice questions.
How many of each type of question are
A company offers three investment plans for
its employees. Plan A consists of 14 blocks of
common stock, 4 bonds, and 6 blocks of
preferred stock. Plan B consists of 4 blocks of
common stock and 2 bonds. Plan C consists
of 18 blocks of common stock, 6 bonds, and 6
blocks of preferred stock. If an employee
wants to combine plans to get 58 blocks of
common stock, 20 bonds, and 18 blocks of
preferred stock, how many units of each plan
is needed?