Review Topics: Chapter 3 CHEM 1A


Review Topics: Chapter 3


Covered in Lecture:

Ion formation and size o Noble gas electron configurations o Metals versus non-metals o Gain and loss of electrons

 which electrons are lost first o Size relative to neutral parent atom

 attractive force between positive nucleus and negative electrons

 electron – electron repulsion

Periodic trends o Atomic radii (covered in Chapter 2, section 2.14) o Ionization energy

 relative magnitudes of subsequent ionization energies

 dips in periodic trends o Electron affinity o Electronegativity o Metallic behavior o Acidity of oxides o Acidity of nonmetal hydrides

Chemical bonding o Interacting atoms: why bonds form o Electronegativity and types of bonds o Approximate difference in electronegativity cutoffs

Ionic bonding o Diff. EN > 1.7 o How the ions are held together in the solid o Properties of ionic solids

 melting points

 hardness

 cleavage

 conductivity o Lattice energy (

H lattice


 Coulomb’s law (charges and distance)

 predicting relative lattice energies for various ionic compounds

 effect of lattice energy on melting point, hardness, and solubility in water

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Covered in Lab (Nomenclature Worksheet):

Formation of ions and common ionic charges o Using the periodic table to predict the ionic charges of representative (main group) elements and select other elements

Nomenclature o Ionic compounds

 simple binary ionic compounds

 monovalent and polyvalent metals and the stock system

 polyatomic ions and oxyanions

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