Freedom, Order or Equality?


Freedom, Order or


Chapter 1

Government, define!

Legitimate use of force to control human behavior also, the organization or agency authorized to exercise that force

What we believe is the role of


What we believe is human nature

The Purposes of Government

Maintaining order providing public goods tragedy of the commons promoting equality

Protecting Freedom

Communism vs Liberalism

Communism and liberalism ownership in government hands vs individual freedom

Government distributes and equally shares goods. Total ownership in the hands of the people states should leave individuals to pursuit individual endeavors

Freedom of and from

Freedom of - freedom to do something

Freedom from - immunity from (equality?)

Equality of Opportunity Equality of Outcome

Everyone has the same chance to succeed

Society ensures equal outcome, sometimes through redistribution (social equality)


• National Sovereignty –

External recognized right to exercise final authority over its affairs

• Globalization – increasing interdependence of citizens and nations around the world

Freedom vs. Order

• Basketball games and security

• Community watch

Freedom vs. Equality

• Segregation

• Equal pay in the work place