Animal Farm PreReading Activity

Animal Farm: Pre-Reading Questions/Activity
Life in the USA would be perfect
if everyone were totally equal.
1. Write an answer either agreeing or
disagreeing with the above statement in your
notebook. Explain your position.
2. Share your answer with your partner.
3. Share/listen as we come back and discuss as
a whole group.
In your table groups:
Design a society in which everyone is equal.
 What should the laws be? (come up with at least 5)
 What would you do to help people who were less
capable mentally, physically, or socially to
“catch up”?
 What problems can you foresee that might arise
in a society with enforced “equality for all”?
How would you handle those problems?
Writing Journal #7:
Do you believe that total equality is possible, or
would human nature assure that some people would
eventually dominate others?