December 9, 2014 - Administrative Services Technology Portfolio

Notes from the Administrative Services Technology
Portfolio Committee
Tuesday, December 9, 2014
3:30 – 4:30p.m. (Academic Affairs Conference Room)
In Attendance:
Scott Collier, Susan Davies, Matt Dull, Sandi Jones, Heather Langdon (co-chair), Sean McGann, Beth
Pouder (co-chair), Rick Presnell, Rob Sanders, Rachel Serrano, Sara Speed
Work Flow – Beth Pouder and Heather Langdon
Banner Workflow is a major project for the coming year. Workflow is already built into Banner and there
will be 2 upcoming training sessions in the next few months for IT developers as well as some staff in
several areas of the business process areas.
Workflow can be summarized as a flowchart of the process of a repeatable pattern of business activity in
an area or multiple areas of the university. There has been great interest in how more formal workflow
could improve our efficiency.
The recommendation after training is to choose a simple workflow situation, then move to more complex
ones. The plan is to have the consultant do the first one, the second one with our participation, the third
one Appalachian does with the consultant’s supervision.
Earlier meetings on some processes that could benefit from WorkFlow are:
The New Hire process (on-boarding)
Journal entry workflow/interdepartmental billing - consulting to develop workflow for journal
entry review and approval
Utilize the petitions tab in DegreeWorks for exceptions and substitutions
Utilize EPAF’s to increase processing efficiencies
o Electronic Personnel action form
o Student employment - some but not all
o 1-time pays - what triggers this?
o Faculty employment different system
Student Registration Forms (change of major, drop/add forms, etc. All triplicate forms)
The Administrative Services Portfolio Committee discussed other possibilities for WorkFlow projects:
Departmental personnel/leadership changes and information/processes connected with them
Travel and expense forms (several mentioned interest)
Graduate assistantships
o Hiring/processing,
o Time monitoring
Transfer credit petition process
o There is already an electronic process, but could be moved to workflow
Visiting coursework
There is also a need to reach out to departments and Administrative Assistants to find out more details of
many processes to investigate what we may investigate further.
The committee was asked to reach out and bring back additional workflow ideas to the group.
Meeting times for Spring Semester
Beth and Heather will check with our Student Rep to make sure the meeting time still works for her next
semester. Everyone in the meeting agreed that 3:30 on the 2nd Tuesday of the month is a good time.