Log Book Order of Content

Table of Contents
Place the title of the Science Fair Project
on the cover of the log book, or it can be
bound inside the log book before the
Table of Contents.
(Do not type the word "Title" on the cover, and
do not write your name on the front cover.)
Page 2
Problem Question
Page 3
Background Research
Page 4-?
Page 5?
Page 6?
Page 7?
Observations, Results, Data
Page 8?
Variables and Controls
Page 9?
Page 10?
Page 11?
Bibliography and Acknowledgements
Page 12?
Page 1
Your Problem Question?
Topic Area (Physical Science, Botany, Earth
Science, etc.)
Your Name, Sixth Grade
11800 Southwood Drive, OKC, OK 73170
Fisher Elementary
The abstract is just a shortened version of your
entire project.
Problem Question
Write your problem in the form of a question.
Make sure your problem question cannot be
answered with a yes or no.
You will write three short paragraphs.
The first paragraph should cover the purpose
of your project.
The second paragraph will give a shortened
version of the procedures you followed.
The third paragraph will give the results you
found through testing.
(Note: There should be no more than
200 words on the Abstract.)
Page 2
Page 3
Background Research
This page will help to introduce others to your
topic area.
You have to become "educated" in order to make
your hypothesis. During your research, you
probably learned something new about your topic
area. Teach me something you learned on this
Write your hypothesis statement.
What do you think will happen and why?
If..., then..., because....
What topics did you research? What did you
learn while researching those topics?
This section must be a least 1/2 typed page with
a font of no more than 14 pt.
Page 5
Page 4
This page is your "grocery list" of the items
needed to complete your project.
List the steps you followed in order to complete
your experiment. Number each step.
List the items VERY SPECIFICALLY. You want
someone else to be able to repeat your project
without having you there to explain each item
Begin each step with a verb.
BE VERY SPECIFIC!! Remember your testing is
not valid unless someone else can reproduce
your test and get the same results.
Page 7
Page 6
Variables and Controls
Observations, Results, Data
You will want to include as many of the following
items as you can.
Observations (This is what you are recording
while completing your test.)
Graphs that display the results of your data.
Data tables including information from your
Any pictures you want to include from your
Page 8
While you are writing your procedures, you will
need to address the variables. Please include
the following on this page:
Independent Variable--This is the ONE thing
you will change intentionally during your
Dependent Variable--This is what happened or
will happen as a result of the change you
Constants--This is all of the things you kept
the same in order to make your test fair and
Page 9
This page will have four paragraphs with the
following information:
Should your hypothesis be accepted or
Answer your problem question.
Why do you think your project turned out the
way it did?
If you did this experiment again, what would
you do differently?
How does this experiment apply to the
world? Your daily life? Etc.
You may really have to dig deep in order to make
a relation here, but science relates to all areas of
life and a relation can be made. If you need help
here, ask the class, and we will help you come up
with some ideas.
(Note: When writing the conclusion, do
not bullet the paragraphs.)
Page 10
Page 11
Bibliography and Acknowledgements
This is where you will list any
resources you used while researching your
project to make your hypothesis. Please
list the title and author of any book you
used for information. You will also list all
web addresses along with the title of the
web site on this page.
You may thank the person or people
who helped you with your project. (Hint:
Don't forget your parents!!)
Page 12