World Geography Pre-Test
1. The 6 elements of geography are:
1) The world in spatial terms;
2) Places and regions;
3) Physical systems;
4) Human systems;
5) Environment and society; &
6) The uses of geography.
2. In geography, scale determines distance.
3. Three types of map projections are Robinson, Polar
(Or Planar) & Mercator.
4. The 2 types of geography are human & physical.
5. Latitude & Longitude are used in absolute location.
6. Maps that show population density are thematic.
7. Population has something to do with people.
8. When in a car you are probably using a road atlas
or GPS.
9. Distance is a term that tells you how far it is from
here to there.
10. If I ask you where your uncle’s house is, then I’m
probably asking for directions, but you are giving its
Relative Location.