Ch 2 section 1 fill in notes

Chapter 2- Europe Looks Outward (1000-1720)
 Section Focus Question
 ______________________________________________________________________________
 Wait, I thought Columbus discovered America, not ASIA???
 A brief story…
 European countries __________________________________________ with people in India and
Southeast Asia
 They had no idea North America, the Caribbean, or South America even existed.
 So, looking on a map, why didn’t the Europeans just go across Europe, by land into Asia?
 The Problem
 Christian Europeans had just lost a series of battles known as the Crusades.
 They lost to the Muslims and were forced to give up their lands in the Middle East.
 Because they lost,
 So, they _______________________________________ that avoided the Middle East in order to get
to Asia.
 Portuguese Explorers
 __________________________________ of Portugal started a
_________________________________ that
taught aspiring sailors how to use new technology like
 Future Portuguese explorers would use this technology to find a sea route to Asia by sailing down the
west coast of Africa, into the Indian Ocean to get to India and Southeast Asia.
 Europeans could now trade in Asia but…
 But it took FOREVER to get there.
 Many wanted to find a shorter route.
 One man had an idea…
 Maybe, just maybe, if we sailed west instead of south and around the bottom of Africa we
could get there faster.
 This man’s name…
 _______________________________________________________
 Originally from Genoa, Italy
 Sailed for Portugal in the 1470s.
 ________________________________________________________________________
 Portugal’s king rejected his plan.
 Didn’t give up,
Setting Sail
 August, 1492
 90 men aboard the ________________________________________________________
 Predicted they would reach Asia in 21 days.
 21 days came and went, no land was in sight.
 Crew became restless and tried to overthrow the ship’s officers
 Thought he was in Asia and close to Japan. In reality,
 Columbus claims land for Spain
 Spain sponsored several more voyages.
 Columbus discovers Puerto Rico and the island of Hispaniola.
 When he returned to Spain he __________________________________________________________
In a complete sentence or two, answer the following question:
How did the search for a water route to Asia affect both Europe and
the Americas?