Philosophy 2015 - Jump Early Development Services

| We respect each member of our community by believing that they are capable and
| We love to play and believe that play is essential to every aspect of a child’s development.
| We wish for every child, to love and be loved unconditionally.
Loving the Children in our Community
| Children learn about themselves and their world during interactions with others. Brain connections that lead
to later success grow out of positive attachment, nurturing, and supportive and predictable care. This type of
care giving fosters child curiosity, creativity and self-confidence.
| Children need respect, love, trust, our full attention, nurturing, independence, sensory stimulation, literacy,
real connections with nature and with God to develop to their potential. Recent brain research indicates that
connecting important synapses in the brain occurs through building secure relationships, interactions of joint
attention, making the most of our day and experiences.
Our brains grow neurons by exercise novelty space and loving relationships (Brandt, 2014).
| Each child that attends Jump (Jump Early Development Services) will have the opportunity to develop to
their full potential, by focusing on each child’s development (physical, social, emotional, cognitive,
language and spiritual development) and by allowing each child’s individuality, interests and uniqueness to
| We believe positive self-esteem and high self worth assists a child to have strong lifelong, emotional
intelligence, giving them the resilience to cope with life’s challenges.
| Children have the right to respect and equality. Respecting the needs, feelings and property of others is a
practice of mutual regulation that assists in the development of responsibility and empathy toward others,
regardless of age or family context (Mundy and Newell, 2007). All children are deserving of the same
opportunities and will be valued irrespective of race, age, gender, family structure, wealth, ability and
| Consistent limits and giving children our joint attention will assist children to regulate their own behaviour
in social and conflict situations. Children have the right to feel safe and secure in their environment.
Building Community with Our Families and
| We recognise that parents and family are the most important influence in a child’s life.
| We adopt a collaborative and consistent approach to holistically caring for the family, we serve the
community, by providing excellence in Early Childhood Education, highly qualified early childhood
educators and increased ratios above national standards of care.
| Providing resources and support for our community is the integral heart of Jump. We create resources and
support for local families and also in the wider world. Current support services include: parent education,
parenting forums conducted by experienced health professionals, free resource library of current research
and informative books, prayer ministry, food hampers for families, support for orphanages overseas and
many opportunities for families within the Jump community to connect and engage with each other.
| Families are always welcome at Jump and we sincerely value your input. We encourage respectful, open
and honest communication between management, Early Childhood Educators and families in our