Tip Sheet – 12 tips to speak up

12 tips to speak up
12 tips to speak up will help you think about what you want to
It will give you ideas about how to speak up.
1. Think about why you are speaking up
Think about what you want to happen and why.
Be as clear as you can.
To make sure you are clear you could try to say it
to someone you know.
2. Find things out
Before you do anything it is good to get some information.
Know the facts before you speak up.
If there is something you do not know you can find out.
3. Know who to talk to
If you want something to happen you need to speak to the right
person. Find out who the best person is to get what you want.
Sometimes it is best to start with the person you are not happy
with. Sometimes it is better to speak to someone who is in a
management role.
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4. Choose the time to speak up
Do not rush to speak up. Make sure that you are ready.
If someone asks you a question and you do not know the answer it
is ok to say you will answer later. You may need to think about
what you want to say. You may need to find out some information
before you say.
5. Have a plan
If you have a meeting, think about:
 what you will say
 what you want to happen
 what is ok.
Write down a list of the things you want to say.
6. Do not go by yourself
It is hard to speak up about something. You can forget things.
It is hard to write things down and talk at the same time.
If you take someone with you, they can help you remember
things. They can write things.
Make sure they know what you want them to do.
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7. Do not get angry
You are more likely to get what you want if
you do not get angry. Stick to the facts.
Listen to what others to say.
Do not:
 shout
 swear
 blame people.
8. Say what you want to happen
It can help you get what you want if you can say what you think
should happen.
9. Be clear about when things will happen
It can help you if it is clear when things will happen.
If someone says they will do something, ask for a time when they
will do it and write it down.
10. Keep notes
Write down what you do to speak up.
Keep a copy of any letters or emails.
If you talk to someone write down:
 who they are
 when you spoke to them and
 the main points they said.
Resource 8.5
11. Keep trying
Some things take a long time to change. It is
good to check what is happening.
If someone says they will do something by a
date, it is good to write that date in your
diary. You can then check if they did it when
they said they would.
You can contact them if they did not do what they said they
If nothing changes after you have spoken up it could be good to
try something new.
You could:
 get help from someone
 think about someone else you could talk to
 try to find more people who want to speak out about the
same thing.
12. Do not speak up about everything
We all have a small amount of time. Speak up about the things
that matter the most.
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