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Exercise 1 Conditional

Exercise 1
Her father will be angry if she
If he
to this party. (go)
so hard, he will ruin his health. (work)
English quicker if he goes to England. (learn)
Will her ticket still be valid if she
I will phone you if I
My parent
the plane? (miss)
. (not / forget)
me if I am in financial troubles. (not / help)
I will allow you to take my car if you
She will come if she
If we
slowly. (drive)
busy. (not / be)
in groups, we will finish it quicker. (work)
this problem if you read his paper. (solve)
They will not work properly unless you
if he does not send the money? (they / do)
Unless you are careful you
You will lose all your money if you
If you
If you
the job. (lose)
cards with them. (play)
the radio like that you will damage it. (use)
He will produce the film if we
them good wages. (pay)
him money. (lend)
your fingers unless you use gloves. (burn)
what I told you, you'll find the place easily. (remember)
if you continue turning the radio up so loud. (be angry)
Exercise 2
When autumn (come)
, the leaves (fall)
from the trees.
He works flexible hours; if there is not much to do, he (come)
, I’ll never talk to you again.
Unless you (apologise)
If you (pick)
me up from work today, I (buy)
If you (boil)
soup, it (spoil)
You (get)
I (meet)
If you (buy)
home early.
you a drink.
the flavour.
one point when you (answer)
a question correctly.
you in the square, unless you’d prefer to meet somewhere else.
a car, I (sell)
my motorbike.
The rules of this club are very strict; if you (break)
He will never get promoted unless he (learn)
If you really want me to, I (take)
them, you are asked to leave.
to be more polite to customers.
the dog to the vet.