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1) Create a Magic School Bus episode featuring at least 3 interconnected body systems. You must provide a detailed
script as well as a visual storyboard for your adventures (draw or create computer-generated pictures of at least 5
scenes in sequence).
2) Create 4 detailed facebook profiles for 4 different body systems. You must use the template provided on my website
under the Anatomy and Physiology page. Make sure to include information on the major structures and functions of
each system, the main purposes (jobs) of each system, as well as how they interact with other “friends” (other body
3) Role-play a professor of Anatomy and Physiology and create a detailed podcast/interactive lecture on at least 2
different body systems. Each lecture must be at least 15 minutes and must describe how that system works (major
organs, major functions, and major physiological processes that occur in that system). Include at least 3-4 images or
pictures via whiteboard or another writing surface that can be used to illustrate the major concepts you are teaching.
You will be graded on the quality and accuracy of your lecture as well as your ability to cover all of the material required
for each body system. The end product must be handed in and must be compatible with an average PC computer.
4) Create a body systems game that will help future anatomy and physiology students understand the most important
topics of two major body systems in anatomy and physiology 2. You cannot use the same project or idea as you did in
the past (no recycling of materials!).
5) Play the role of a God/Creator who is responsible for designing our body. Pick two different body systems and create
a short story explaining how you can better design them to serve the purposes they currently serve. While doing this,
you must first create a written review the “normal” body system and then explain how you would make each system
better as to eliminate disorders and make the system function more efficiently. Include at least 2-3 relevant pictures for
each body system in your explanation.
6) Create a physical model of a given body system that has been labeled with major structures and functions. It must
also include either a) A narrated video showing how the system works or B) a written script narrating how that system
7) Find at least 2 different detailed case studies of disorders from 2 different body systems. One must come from a
medical journal, one from another source. Explain how you, as a medical professional, would provide a proper diagnosis,
test, and treatment for the disorders. Include references in MLA format at the end of this project.
8) Z day has finally happened! You find yourself in a world surrounded by zombies! You are to write a journal written
from the perspective of a medical profession who is in charge of explaining
How did this zombie apocalypse occur?
What body systems are negatively impacted by the zombie viral/bacterial infection?
How does the viral/bacterial infection impact the human body and its cells?
How is the viral/bacterial infection transmitted between people?
Give a brief explanation of normal function of the impacted systems, and then explain how the disease changes
the normal workings of this system. (Make sure to address the lymphatic system, the cardiovascular/circulatory
system, as well as the digestive system in addition to any other systems that you believe may be affected).