Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson
• Homework: 346-365
• Extra Credit: Iron Jawed Angels
Wilson Wins Election
• Wilson former governor of New
• Progressive against trust and tariffs
• Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914- protect
unions from antitrust laws
• FTC (Federal Trade Commission)unfair business “cease and desist
• Federal Income Tax- graduated tax
replaces tariffs
• Federal Reserve System- private
member banks with govt. control
• Underwood Tariffs reduces import
Women win suffrage
• Wealthy and middle class
• NAWSA- Chapman Catt
and ladylike behavior
• Alice Paul protests outside
Whitehouse including
during WWI
• National Women’s party
(Radical Women)
• 19th Amendment- 72 years
after Seneca Falls
Limits on Progressives
• During Campaign
promises to help support
• Retracts anti lynching and
segregation legislation
• Birth of a Nation (1915)
positive depiction of the
Rise of the Klan
• WWI ends Wilson’s
progressive views
Woodrow Wilson about Birth of a
• "It is like writing history with Lightning.
And my only regret is that it is all so
terribly true."
Summary Question
Which constitutional amendment allowed women to vote?
Who became the president of NAWSA?
Which Act of Congress established the Federal Reserve System?
What is the Federal Reserve?
4) Who was the Governor of New Jersey who became president in
5) What was used to replace moneys lost by the use of Tariffs?
6) This Tariff substantially reduced import taxes?
7) This agency was given the power to investigate unfair business
practices and to issue orders to "cease and desist.“
8) This specified that labor unions and farm organizations not only had
a right to exist, but would also no longer be subject to antitrust laws.
9) Who appeared to support civil rights, but then created laws against
10) This movement was helped by the influx of college educated