Acalog and Curriculog Update (Department Chairs)

UNC Charlotte will soon offer
Acalog/Curriculog as an electronic
academic program and course approval
system for creating, modifying, and
accessing degree programs, individual
courses, and catalog information.
Catalog (via Acalog): June 1, 2015
Curriculog: August 15, 2015
We have well-meaning processes and systems
for managing our curriculum – the efficiency and
utility of which have been lessened as we have
grown and become more complex:
 Inaccurate and inconsistent quality of information
 Delays and inefficiencies
 Duplication of effort
 Paper-intensive
 Lack of synthetized information
 Lack of historical record and accountability
 No reporting or data analysis capabilities
Maintain accurate account of all course
offerings and degree programs
2. Integrate course, degree, and catalog
information with Banner and degree audit
systems to ensure accuracy
3. Allow faculty, departments, colleges, and staff
to access, edit, and propose changes to the
curriculum and catalog in a web-based
approval system
4. Provide a real-time account of where proposals
are in the process and what steps remain
Guiding Principles:
 Guide students into the right major
Avoid late attrition from majors
Monitor student progress toward
timely degree completion
Mitigate unnecessary barriers to
student persistence and graduation
Enable greater student selfguidance and accountability
Ensure faculty oversight of
Academic Advisory Team
 Colleges
▪ Faculty Representatives
▪ Associate Deans
 Faculty Council
▪ Undergraduate Course & Curriculum
▪ Graduate Council
 Office of the Registrar
June 1: New Catalog
 Increased mobile capabilities
 Improved search functionality
 Standardization and clarity of
August 15: Curriculog
 Campus-wide training via
Center for Teaching and
 Short Forms and Long Forms
phased out during Fall Term
Acalog and Curriculog Implementation Site:
Guiding Principles
Team Members
Presentations, handouts, announcements
Training Resources
Leslie R. Zenk, Assistant Provost,