Biosphere II Assignment

Ms. D. Thompson
September 2015
Biosphere II
A Closed System
Research Biosphere II and answer the following questions in complete sentences.
1. What is Biosphere II?
2. What is its purpose?
3. Where is it located?
4. List the different environments that are contained inside Biosphere II. Briefly describe
each one, including regions, climate, species, etc.
5. How long have scientists lived inside it? What kind of experiences have they had?
6. What can we learn from Biospheres?
7. Would you ever live in one? Why or why not?
8. Find a video about Biosphere II or another biodome. Watch it and write a 5 sentence
description of the video. Be sure to provide me with the link so I can watch it too!
Work Period:
Friday September 11, 2015
Monday September 14, 2015
12 Global Geography
Canso Academy