Tuesdays_with_Morrie by_Mitch_Albom

Tuesdays with Morrie
by: Mitch Albom
an old man, a young man, and life's
greatest lesson
Why are we reading this?
Here are some reviews of the book...
"Mitch Albom's book is a gift to mankind."
"This book is a MUST read. Buy this book for yourself, then pass it
on to a person you love: mother, father, sister, brother, wife,
husband, friend or teenager, everyone should read this book."
"A true story of the meaning of life put into 192 pages might seem
unimaginable, but Mitch Albom does it all. "
This book has a feel to it, like you were there when Mitch visited
Morrie every Tuesday. It really spoke to me in ways that are
unimaginalbe. This is a fantastic book.
Why read this in Freshmen Seminar?
As we have talked about before, Freshmen Seminar is not a
traditional class. It is a SEMINAR. Seminars are designed to
examine a broad variety of things. Mitch has his own special
seminar with Morrie. His focus was life, and all the lessons we
need to learn about living life to the fullest.
In our seminar we are also interested in living life to the fullest,
and we can all benefit from the lessons that Morrie helps Mitch
We can also see how a seminar class works. The student must
attempt to discover things about him or her self. The teacher
simply asks the questions!
How is this going to work?
Each Tuesday we will read a chapter from the book. The
book is designed to talk about each of the class meetings
Mitch has with Morrie, every Tuesday. Hence the name,
Tuesdays with Morrie.
We will write journal responses on the reading or have class
discussion about the reading each week.
At the end of the book you will each complete a project!
Each of you will select someone who has inspired you in your life so
far. You must select someone who is still alive.
Then, you will create a 20 question interview list. These will be all
the questions you maybe have wanted to ask this person, or things
you do not know about them yet.
Next, you will interview your mentor. You will conduct the interview
in person or over the phone. Then you will transcribe the interview.
Finally, you will take your transcribed interview and write a paper
about the person, your interview, and what you learned.
Is that it?
Yep. That's it. Except that hopefully you will learn
something about yourself and the life that you want to live
from Morrie and Mitch and their final class together!
"It's not to late to... ask
yourself if you really are the
person you want to be, and if
not, who you do want to be. "
-Morrie Schwartz