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800 N State College Blvd Fullerton, CA
(657) 278-2011
Cal State Fullerton offers many sports which includes
Baseball D1(nationally ranked)
Basketball D1 (Men and Women)
Cross Country (Men and Women)
Golf (Men and Women)
Soccer (Men and Women)
Track and Field (Men and Women)
Fullerton Arboretum
Garden Grove Center
Grand Central Art Center
Irvine Campus
MBA at Irvine
Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary
The Arts
Business and Economics
Engineering and Computer Science
Health and Human Development
Humanities and Social Sciences
Natural Sciences and Mathematics
University Extended Education
First-Time Freshmen Undergraduate Students
At Cal State Fullerton, we aspire to combine the best qualities
of teaching and research universities where actively engaged
students, faculty and staff work in close collaboration to
expand knowledge. Our affordable undergraduate and
graduate programs provide students the best of current
practice, theory and research and integrate professional studies
with preparation in the arts and sciences. Through experiences
in and out of the classroom, students develop the habit of
intellectual inquiry, prepare for challenging professions,
strengthen relationships to their communities and contribute
productively to society!
Undergraduate students (5,697.00) per semester
for Non-Resident
Undergraduate students per semester for Residents
CSU Fullerton is an impacted campus for all first time freshmen.
Impaction means that there are more applications for a campus
than can be accommodated. In order to ensure that capacity is
not exceeded, more rigorous standards are applied to the
freshmen applicant pool.
Nursing Applicants: Admission to the Nursing major at CSU
Fullerton for First-Time Freshmen is very competitive as CSUF
continues to have more qualified applicants than available space
in the program. To be considered for admission to Nursing, FirstTime Freshmen applicants must demonstrate the following.
Minimum Eligibility Index: 4200 (SAT) or 1010 (ACT)
Chemistry: Grade of "B" or higher (if AP then "C" or higher) by
end of your Junior year (11th grade)
Biology: Grade of "B" or higher (if AP then "C" or higher) by end
of your Junior year (11th grade)
Computer Engineering integrated BS/MS Applicants:
Admission to the integrated BS/MS in Computer Engineering is
expected to be very competitive with limited space available. To
be considered for admission, First-Time Freshmen applicants
must demonstrate the following:
Successful completion of at least three (3) AP tests (scores of 3,
4, or 5) for a total of 10 semester units
One of the AP tests must be Mathematics/Calculus AB or
Mathematics/Calculus BC (score of 4 or 5 is required)
Must meet CSU Fullerton Eligibility Index for the semester to
which you are applying
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92831-3599
P.O. Box 34080
Fullerton, CA 92834-9480
Campus Phone: 657-278-2011
Campus Closure: 657-278-4444
Parking: 657-278-3082