The Bay of Pigs


The Bay of Pigs

By Dominique Marshall and Aaron Butler

What was the Bay of Pigs?


The Bay of Pigs was actually an invasion of Cuban exiles into Cuba.

- The United States used these exiles at an attempt to overthrow the current Cuban government.

-The name “bay of pigs”, or in spanish “Bahia de Chochinos” comes from an inlet on the

Southern coast of Cuba.

Who vs. Who

- The Cuban exiles were used by the C.I.A. at attempts to control and take over the

Cuban government. Their leader was John F. Kennedy.

- The head of the Cuban government, Fidel Castro was being planned to be overthrown because of his dictator-like ways.

Their Strengths?


The U.S., lead by John F.

Kennedy, had 1,500 trained ground forces known as the

Brigade 2506.

- The Cuban government, led by Fidel Castro, had:

25,000 in the cuban army,

200,00 Cuban militia, and

9,000 armed police

When Did the Invasion Begin?

- Once Kennedy gave the okay for the troops to proceed, the

1,500 advanced to the Bay of

Pigs on April 17th, 1961.

- The ground forces believed that they would serve as a rally, which would help overthrow Castro.

The Outcome of the Invasion?

- Sadly, the plan immediately fell apart.There were rapid counter-attacks, including attacks from the Cuban air force on most of the exile’s supply ships.

- Since the U.S. never had the air force needed, the uprising never occurred.


The losses of the Cubans were:

-the cuban army lost 176,

500+ were wounded

-the Cuban militia and police had a total of 4,000 wounded, killed and missing

- The loss of the U.S.:

- 118 were killed

- 360 wounded, and

1,202 were captured

In the End…?

- The U.S. surrendered on April

19th, 1961, and….

The Cuban government won against the United


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