The Cuban education system : lessons and dilemmas

The Cuban education system : lessons and dilemmas
Author: Gasperini, Lavinia ;. Document Date: 2000/07/31. Document Type: Working
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The Cuban educational system has long enjoyed a reputation for high quality. This paper highlights ways in which the
Cuban educational system, despite the dismal economic picture of the past decade, adopted features that research has
identified as characterizing a high-quality education system. The papers sees what has allowed Cuba's education system
to perform so well is the continuity its education strategies, sustained high levels of investments in education, and a
comprehensive and carefully structured system, characterized by: 1) quality basic education and universal access to
primary and secondary school; 2)comprehensive early childhood education and student health programs; 3)
complementary educational programs for those outside school; 4) mechanisms to foster community participation in
school management; 5) great attention to teachers; 6) low-cost instructional materials of high quality; 7) teacher and
student initiative in adapting the national curriculum locally; 8) carefully structured competition; 9) explicit strategies to
reach rural students; 10) strategies to link school and work; and 11) an emphasis on education for social cohesion and
values education.