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English II Honors – World Literature
Mrs. Turner, Sanderson High School, Room 214
Email: [email protected]
Class Website:
Course Description: This course is specifically designed to challenge students’ reading, writing, and thinking skills
through the study of World Literature. English II is designed around the Common Core State Standards for English
Language Arts, Grade 10; the standards are divided into the following strands: Reading Literature, Reading
Informational Texts, Writing, Language, and Speaking and Listening. By the end of the semester, students are expected
to show mastery in all the standards and read grade-level appropriate texts independently. Students will take the
English II End of Course Test, which will count as the final exam.
Reading Expectations: You will read both in and out of class, and read closely, deliberately, and thoroughly for
understanding and analysis. In addition, you will reflect on the literature’s social, cultural, and historical values and
themes. Close reading of the literature involves the following three elements: experience of the literature,
interpretation of the literature, and evaluation of the literature.
Writing Expectations: Writing practice and tasks are a crucial part of English II. Over the course of the semester, you
will write narrative, analytical, argumentative, and research essays, along with paragraph responses, reader response
journals, and in-class essays. Longer writing assignments will require a rough draft, peer editing, and/or a writer’s
conference with me.
Core Readings: You will read a variety of world literature texts in this course, including Oedipus Rex by Sophocles;
“Allegory of the Cave” by Plato; Medea by Euripides; Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare; Things Fall Apart by Chinua
Achebe; Night by Elie Wiesel; Anthem by Ayn Rand; “A Doll House” by Henrik Ibsen; The Epic of Gilgamesh; Persepolis by
Marjane Satrapi; and various poetry, short stories, and informational texts. These texts are subject to change.
Policies and Procedures
Required Materials:
Binder Organization:
Three-ring binder for English II
Notebook paper
Pens, pencils and highlighters
Post-It notes
Course Documents
Literature Units
Grading Policies
Grading Categories: Grades are divided and weighted in four categories.
Reading Techniques – 35%
 Close reading activities and analysis
 Text-based tests and quizzes
 Seminars
Vocabulary Skills – 15%
 Weekly vocabulary assignments and
 Cumulative vocabulary test
Essay Preparation/Writing – 35%
 Text-based written responses, tests,
and quizzes
Homework/Participation – 15%
 Homework, when assigned and checked
 Classwork activities and participation
Academic Recovery Policy: In order to give each student the best possible learning experience, it is imperative that
all parties are held accountable for success (or failure) in the classroom. Responsibility falls on each student, their
parents, and their team of teachers. We understand that a student may struggle to master some concepts in a timely
manner. Therefore, our Academic Recovery Process is accessible to all students and offered when:
 the student is attending class on a regular basis.
 the student has given sufficient first effort on assignments.
 the student completes recovery in a timely manner.
Students have the opportunity to improve grades by demonstrating mastery on a given concept/topic. We will utilize
the Flex Period to review grades and complete recovery/remediation; however, some work will need to be completed as
homework. Please read the following policies carefully to ensure that you understand requirements and expectations.
Demonstration of Mastery: A grade of 77% or more is considered a demonstration of mastery. Students
will be given opportunities to recover major assignments (Reading Techniques and Essay Preparation/Writing)
on which they receive lower than 77%. Students will be allowed one week to demonstrate mastery after the
distribution of progress reports. Students will receive the average of the two scores as a grade for that
particular assignment. A recovery work form must be completed and attached to any submitted recovery work.
Students can access this form in the classroom and on the class website. Reading quizzes, homework, and
participation assignments are not eligible for recovery. No recovery work will be accepted during the week prior
to the end of the grading period.
Late/Missing Work: Late work will be accepted up to 1 week after the scheduled original due date.
Students will receive up to 50% of the original grade. A late work form must be completed and attached to any
submitted late work. Students can access this form in the classroom and on the class website. No late work will
be accepted during the week prior to the end of the grading period.
Absences: Make-up work is the student’s responsibility; please do not come to class and ask, “What did I miss?” I will
not use class time to review what you missed. If you are absent, check the class website, check the make-up work file in
the classroom, and see me during our Flex Period or make arrangements to see me before or after school; I am more
than happy to answer questions and clarify any assignments during those times.
Progress Reports: Students will receive progress reports every 4 ½ weeks. While students should independently
access PowerSchool to check their grades, we will conduct biweekly PowerSchool grade checks during the Flex Period to
ensure students are aware of their grades and understand their recovery options.
Classroom Expectations
1. Be prepared. Come to class with your binder, writing utensils, and textbooks every day. This is simple, but it will be
very difficult to be successful without these things.
2. Be on time. I adhere to Sanderson High School’s tardy policy. I expect you to be in your seats, ready to work when
the final bell rings. This means that you need to sharpen pencils and attend to other business BEFORE the final
bell. Per SHS policy, you will receive lunch detention for each tardy. You must be in your seat by the time the final
bell rings. Excessive tardies will result in parent contact and possible administrative action.
3. Be respectful. You are here to learn, and I am here to help you do that. With that said, we must create a
comfortable and safe classroom for you to do so. Therefore, it is imperative that you are respectful of your
classmates, your teacher, and this classroom. Students who do not adhere to this policy will be referred to
4. No food or drinks, other than water in capped containers. If you bring anything other than water into the
classroom, you will be asked to throw it away before entering the classroom. If you choose to stand outside the
door to eat, you will be marked tardy (see #2).
5. Clean up after yourself. Please dispose of any trash, put away classroom materials, and straighten your desk before
you leave class. I am your teacher, not your maid. 
6. No electronics, no exceptions, unless otherwise instructed by me for an educational purpose. Visible or audible
electronics, including visible headphones, will be confiscated and taken to the front office.
7. Bathroom Policy: Each student receives 4 bathroom passes for the semester. You must use a pass to go to the
bathroom, get water/fill up your water bottle, get materials out of your locker, get materials from another
classroom or location, etc. Keep your bathroom passes in your English binder; if you lose them, you will not receive
new ones, which means no bathroom. Unused passes may be turned in for additional points on previously
completed assignments.
Class Resources
Flex Period: You will have a thirty-minute Flex Period once a week this semester, and, during this time, we will
work on a variety of lessons, assignments, enrichment, and remediation tailored to your class’s needs. While this
time is not part of the English II class period, you will be required to participate in lessons, assignments, and needed
remediation in order to improve your grade and overall English skills. You may not leave the classroom during this
time, and participation in the Flex Period lessons and assignments are not optional.
Class Website: The class website is rich with resources and useful information, and I update it with the daily
agenda and homework, many course handouts, worksheets, and assignments. If you are absent, check this website
for readings and assignments before returning to class.
Text Reminders for Parents and Students: To receive text reminders regarding important assignments, follow
the instructions below. You will only receive texts regarding English II, and you cannot reply to these texts.
o Text @eng2hnp1 to 81010
E-mail: E-mail is the best way to contact me. I do not check e-mail after 7 pm.
PowerSchool: Grades are posted in PowerSchool and updated frequently. Be sure to remember your login and
password. I strongly encourage you to review your grades on a weekly basis.
Paperwork and Parent Signatures: Please review this syllabus, complete the attached form, and return to me.
I only need the information and signature form; keep this syllabus in your English binder at all times, as you will
refer to it throughout the semester.
Students, you have the opportunity to earn an additional bathroom pass! Just bring some
supplies for the classroom. Here are some items that we can always use in our classroom:
colored copy paper
Post-It Notes of all sizes and colors
hand sanitizer
pens, pencils, and highlighters
notebook paper
dry erase markers
Clorox wipes for cleaning desks
anything you would like to donate
Notes, Etc…
Student Information
Student First and
Last Names:
Prefer To Be
E-mail Address:
I have read the English II syllabus, and I understand what is expected of me in this course. In order to be successful in
English II, I also understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to the class policies, complete assignments, and seek
help when needed. I am also aware of the Grade Recovery Policy.
I am aware of Wake County Public School’s cheating and plagiarism policy. I understand that cheating includes not only
cheating on a test or quiz, but also copying a classmate’s homework, and that plagiarism is defined as “the use of one’s
words or idea as one’s own, whether found in printed material or electronic media.” Incidents of cheating and
plagiarism will result in parental contact and a grade of zero on that assignment.
Student Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Information
First and Last
Phone Number(s):
E-mail Addresses:
What is the best way
to contact you?
What is the best
time to contact
I have read the English II syllabus, understand what is expected of my child in this course, and have reviewed this
information with my child. I am also aware that I may contact Mrs. Turner with any questions and/or concerns that arise
throughout the semester, and I understand that I may consult PowerSchool for access to my child’s academic progress
throughout the semester.
Parent Signature:
Student’s First and Last Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Film Permission
As part of our study of World Literature, we will watch several movies/movie clips. While the majority of these movies
are PG-13, some may be rated R. Regardless of their ratings, ALL movies shown in class contain a specific educational
purpose and enhance students’ study and understanding of course materials. Possible films include Helen of Troy (TV
movie, Not Rated), Schindler’s List (R), Hotel Rwanda (PG-13), The Devil’s Arithmetic (TV movie, Not Rated), A Doll’s
House (G), Mona Lisa Smile (PG-13), Lagaan (PG), Au Revoir Les Enfants (PG), Little Buddha (PG), Edward Scissorhands
(PG-13), and Big Fish (PG-13). Parents/Guardians, Please complete the following regarding movies in English II.
 I DO give my child permission to watch movies in Mrs. Turner’s English II class this semester, and I understand
that some of these movies may be rated R. Also, I understand that all movies shown in Mrs. Turner’s class are
for educational purposes.
 I DO NOT give my child permission to watch rated R movies in Mrs. Turner’s English II class this semester. I do,
however, understand that all movies shown in Mrs. Turner’s class are for educational purposes.
Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Parent Printed Name:
Parent E-mail Address:
Parent Phone Number: