Year End Review

Year End Review
January, 2015
Project Update
Columbia Pulp has had an eventful
and productive year.
We opened our office on Main Street
in September and currently staff it
M-F, 9 to 4.
We will soon be opening a testing
laboratory in Dayton.
Learn more at
Project Update
Employing 135 full time workers, the
site is located on 449 acres along the
Snake River with natural gas, existing
electrical supply and rail capability on
State Hwy 261.
We expect to have our groundbreaking
in early 2015 with the facility start-up
approximately a year later.
Plant Location / Site Overview
and then, this is what it will look like….
View of Proposed Plant
Looking West
Market & Sales Strategy
Pulp Targeting the Pacific Northwest paper
producers, Columbia will sell unbleached, semibleached and possibly bleached pulp primarily as a
replacement for hardwood pulp. Its straw pulp is a
unique product with a number of competitive
Derivative Products The company is evaluating
several options to create a value-added revenue
stream from the remaining materials. Readily
available markets which have been identified include
animal feed enhancement and refining into mixed
glycols. It can also be sold as a petrochemical
replacement for end uses such as soil enhancements,
energy generation, and as a “green” replacement for
petrochemical phenolics.
Potential Uses for Columbia Pulp
Columbia Pulp has a multi-phase construction and development plan to
minimize risk. Many significant milestones have already been met:
Class 10 Engineering complete
Conditional Use Permit Issued (May ’14) without objection
NOC Application submitted Mar ’14, NOC permit issued Dec 2014
Environmental, traffic, geologic, cultural and other impact studies complete
Site purchase negotiation complete, property optioned and under contract
Adequate water rights have been purchased and secured
Phase 1 & 2 product trials complete with an international paper products company. Product
performance results deemed excellent
General Contractor selected, draft contract in negotiation
LOIs pending from growers/balers for enough straw to supply first 3 years of plant operation
Straw pulping process currently operational at a “proof of concept” facility
“Off the shelf” pulping equipment, vendors and pricing identified and now under negotiation
Independent third party engineering firm engaged to validate process technology and business
feasibility, draft report received
Active and late stage sales negotiations ongoing. LOI’s expected from multiple customers Jan
Bond Underwriting process moving forward smoothly according to pre-planned timeline
Local Benefits Annual Economic Impact
Secondary employment
Straw purchases
Other purchases*
• Construction
$10,200,000 135 jobs
$25,000,000 400 jobs
$1,000,000 estimated
110 jobs (temporary)
* includes energy, chemicals, freight, stores & supplies