Chapter 7 Operational Planning and Control Sport Facility

Chapter 7
Operational Planning and Control
Sport Management: Responsibility for Performance
Daniel D. Covell, Peter W. Hess, Julie Siciliano, Sharianne Walker
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Thomson Learning
Sport Facility Management
• Types of Sport Facilities
– Public Assembly Facilities (PAF)
• Management of Sport Facilities
– In-house Management
– Private Management and the RFP
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The Role of the Sport Facility
• Building Management
– Building systems, administration, marketing,
budgeting, human resources
• Event Management
– Event planning, coordination, execution,
logistics, arrangements
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Operations Management
• Macro Level
– Translating selected strategy into action steps or
plans in each of organization’s key functional
areas (Operational Planning)
– Focuses on production of services
• Micro Level
– Planning and executing events, programs, and
– Focuses on how services are produced
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Operational Planning
• Operational Plans vs. Strategic Plans
• Operational Control
– Management By Objectives
– The Balanced Scorecard
Translate the Vision
Communicate and Link Objectives
Business Planning
Feedback and Learning
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Operational Planning Tools
• Forecasting
– Quantitative Forecasts
– Qualitative Forecasts
• Scheduling
– Scheduling and Booking
– Gantt Charts, Program Evaluation and Review
Technique (PERT) Charts, and Event Scripts
• Computer Software
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Guidelines for Operational
• Policies
• Procedures
• Budgets
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The Control Function
Establish Performance Standards
Monitor Performance
Compare Performance to the Standards
Take Corrective Action
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Continuous Improvement
• Plan-Do-Check-Act
• Reengineering
• Service Quality
– Delighting Customers
– Sport Facilities as Entertainment Complexes
– Formal Programs and the Culture of Service
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