More Information About Villa Augustina

AT: 654 4765
654 4291
Playa Potrero, Costa Rica
011-506-654-4765 OR 011-506-654-4536,,; ,
Dear Guests:
Welcome to Costa Rica and the home you will be occupying while visiting. We will try to
provide you with as much information as we can to help you familiarize yourself with our
area. You’re Property Manager/Rental Team is Elizabeth Cole, Elibeth Chavarria, Leeana
Yonkers and Gabriel Caballero.
Office Numbers: Tel/Fax 654-4765 or 654-4536 Fax: 654-4079
After Hours Emergency Only Numbers: Elibeth 653-8761, Cell: 387-1177
Gabriel Cell: 825-0688, Leeana 836-1849 or 651-1886 and Elizabeth 389-5091
Please honor the environment by conserving energy to diminish the impact of guests in our
surrounding area. These are some easy ways in which you can help:
When you are not in the house, please turn off your air conditioners and when you
are in, keep the doors and windows closed.
Maximize the efficiency of fans.
Use the household supplies as you would at home. Please use the products wisely.
Household Information:
The water is potable and safe to drink, however newcomers may prefer bottled to
avoid problems.
Food, including fruits & vegetables, are safe to eat. Just wash well.
Telephone use varies from location to location. No long distance calls are
permitted unless you use Credit Cards. We have provided you with a list of long
distance access numbers.
Beach Towels provided at certain locations.
You have been given supplies for household use. If you run out of any product
that has been supplied, please do not hesitate to contact us or advise the maid at
the locations.
In Case of Emergency:
Emergencies 2000 located in Huacas Tel: 380-4125 Beeper: 225-2500
P & E Pacific Emergencies, Huacas, Tel: 653-8785, 378-8265 – Great Doctor,
Tamarindo 653-1226.
Pharmacies: Located on the main level of Flamingo Marina Real across from
Amberes, Johnny’s Pharmacy.
Drugstore Fischel, Villareal 295-7555.
Farmacia (Drugstore) El Cruce; located in Huacas; Hours Mon. – Sat. 8 a.m. – 8
p.m., Sun 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Dr. Jose Garita Monge Telephone/Fax: 653-8787, Cell:
Clinica Dental, Dr. Alejandro León, Tamarindo, 653-1112 OR 823-9696
Dr. Susan Curtis, Chiropractor – Tamarindo – 653-0048, Cell: 383-0126
You may also proceed to call 911 for assistance.
Additional Services Available:
Massages: Jenny 877-3946. She will come to your location. Must make appt. as
she will have to arrange transport. Price: $45.00. She can also offer Manicure
and Pedicure
Petit Paris, Caroline, Flamingo Beach Hotel – 654-4444 ext. 271 (Hair Salon)
Manicure/Pedicure: Petit Paris, Caroline, Flamingo Beach Hotel – 654-4444 ext.
271 and new location at Playa Langosta 653-1391.
Area Services:
Banco de Costa Rica, Playa Flamingo. 654-4984 Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m.– 4:00
Church Services: Non Denominational. Held every Sunday at Huacas Asambleas
de Dios church on the cross road to Tamarindo the first turn to the right at 10:00
Mail: Stamps, mail drop box and Post Office Boxes at Surfside Supermarket,
Playa Potrero, Principal mail office in Villarreal 653-0676 or (800) 900-2000
Internet Locations: a) Costa Rican Dive Shop, Flamingo b) Monkey Bar at
Flamingo Marina Resort and c) Pura Vida Café in Playa Grande. Happy Snapper
in Brasilito
Alcoholics Anonymous open English speaking meetings. Contact Don: 654-4902
Spanish Language School: CPI, Flamingo – 654-5001 or 654-5002.
Jungle gym Flamingo, great work out center and Yoga, Pilates classes 654-4686.
Floristeria Cristal, great flowers for any occasion they deliver, Huacas 653-8762
or 653-6282, 375-9723.
Ecotrans great and reliable shuttle and transfer to any location, Flamingo 6545151.
Surfside Supermarket/Liquor Store, Playa Potrero (1.5 km. North of Flamingo).
Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, baked good, excellent selection of
wines, imported products s and just about everything you need. 654-4475.
Delivery available.
Auto Mercado Tamarindo, brand new and big supermarket in Tamarindo Heights.
Del Pacifico Supermercados located in el Llano close to the gas station, good
variety of foods and great bakery. 8:00 am to 9:00 pm 653-8081.
Don Fernando, the meat specialist, located across from Tamarindo Heights
Garden Plaza, free delivery service 653-2264.
El Castillo, Playa Potrero. 654-4271. Pizza, Key Lime pies, donuts & more.
Breakfast & Lunch.
Fresh and really good bread inside Del Pacifico Supermarket at el Llano, 6538081.
Cecile bakery “La panaderia del pueblo” located at the Hitching post plaza in
Brasilito (on the road to Flamingo) 362-3652.
Gifts, Clothing, Furnishing & More
Sea star Souvenirs, Brasilito on the main road close to Conchal. 653-1290.
Dulce, bed, bath, home, life fine clothing & accessories, down town Tamarindo.
Papaya con Leche swim suit shop, garden Plaza, Tamarindo heights 653-3902 or
Diamante, Bikinis, beach wear, bags, jewelry and more, Diria Shopping center
Tamarindo 653-1126.
Flower Shop Cristal, Express service to all the country, beautiful and any occasion
flowers. 653-8762 or 653-6262.
Sidharta, clothes, accessories, Commercial Center Galería del mar, Tamarindo
Sol Paz, Mexican and Costar Rican Pottery, in Huacas at the Playa Grande –
Flamingo intersection 653-8859 or 357-5534 nice decorative accessories.
Atocha, Villareal, right hand side on the road to Tamarindo, bedrooms, dinning
rooms, living rooms and more.
Bermuda Hotel Supply, located in the ConstuCenter Villareal- Tamarindo,
anything you may need for your home. 652-9005 or 355-7643.
Yoga Studio & Boutique, at Galeria del Mar suite 4, Playa Tamarindo next to
Dulce & secret spot. 653-0852.
Bali Designs, Exotic imports, Royal palm Plaza Tamarindo. 652-9019 or 346-1904.
Potrero area
Marco polo, go past Bahia Esmeralda to Italian village, mm great pizza!!
- Las Brisas L&D, Casual Bar Wed. ladies night_ taco’s!!
- El Castillo Bakery and Rest. For L&D live music Friday night and happy hours
- Bahia del Sol, located on the beach at surf side Playa Potrero, 6:30 am to
10:30pm, great atmosphere, for reservation call 654-4671 (all mayor credits cards
- Hotel Sugar Beach B, L & D 654-4242.
- Maxwell’s Café & Bar, located in the middle of Surf Side Estates, in Playa
Potrero, 3 blocks behind Surf Side Supermarket. 654-4319.
Flamingo area
Mar y Sol, Sensational view fine dining rest. Dinner, closed Sundays, pick up
Available for reservations please call 654- 4151. Hours 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Marie’s Restaurant, Flamingo. 654-4136. Open daily for B., L. & D.
Les Arcades, on route to Flamingo – Incredible French Rest. With A/C, 654-5713
dinner. Hours 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Closed on Mondays.
Flamingo Beach Hotel, Catalines Rest. A/C and Fine Dining 654-4444
Flamingo Marina Resort and Monkey Bar, located in Flamingo across from Banco
de Costa Rica, 654-5151 hours 6:30 am to 11:00 pm.
Amberes Restaurant, Playa Flamingo. Evening only. 654-4001.
Brasilito area
Gecko’s, Hotel Brasilito, Lunch & Dinner 654-4596.
Happy Snapper, Brasilito, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Live Music Friday Nite’s
654-4413, wireless internet available.
IL Forno, Playa Brasilito. Salad, Pastas, Pizzas & more. 654-4125, Lunch &
Camarón Dorado, on the corner across from Happy Snapper, Pick up available,
Playa Brasilito. 654-4028.
Tamarindo area
Dragonfly Bar & Grill, Tamarindo, Pacific Rim, Dinner, 653-1506, closed on
Carolina’s Rest. & Grill, Tamarindo at the former “Las Olas”, 379-6834 or 6531946.
Stella’s Restaurant, Tamarindo. Italian cuisine. 653-0127 200 meters past Hotel
Pasatiempo. Hour’s noon to 10:30pm.
Gil’s Place, Iguana Surf, Tamarindo – Great Breakfast Burrito’s, 653-0334.
Nibbana, Restaurant and beach bar, behind Century 21 Tamarindo, 653-0447
Hours 8:00am to 11:00pm.
El Jardin del Eden located in Tamarindo walk up entrance across Pizza Hut, 6530137 hours noon to 10:00pm.
Pasatiempo, Tamarindo 653-0096, L & D, Open Mike night Tuesdays
Nogui’s Restaurant, Tamarindo on the circle. Great for B & L.
El Coconut on the main road next to Economy rental car, Tamarindo, 653-0086
hours 5:00pm to 10:00pm, closed on Mondays.
Tamarindo Diria, in down town Tamarindo 653-0031 hours 6:00am to 10:00pm.
Playa Grande
Kike’s Place Typical cuisine and Pizza, entrance to Playa Grande. Home Delivery
too! 653-0834. Hours 7 :30am to 9 :45pm.
Rip Jacks L& D great variety of foods on the Menu, before Hotel las Tortugas on
the Entrance to Playa Grande on the left hand side 75 meters.
Bula Bula restaurant located in Palm Beach, Playa Grande. Woderfull food. 6530975. free shuttle service from North Playa Grande
Blue mer pizzeria 6530883 everyday 4 :00am to 9 :00pm.
Los Malinche 653-0236 Monday_ Saturday 7 :30am to 3 :00 pm 6 :00 pm to 8 :00
Playa Grande Inn 6530719 8 :00 am to 10 :00 pm closed Tuesdays.
Big Mama’s closed Mondays dinner only, rotisserie chicken and ice cream.
Cantarana 653- 0486 réservations required.
Tours, Fishing & Site Seeing:
Too numerous for us to be able to include everything. However, we would be most happy to
assist you with booking the following: Sports fishing, sailing/sailing snorkel trips,
catamaran cruise, deep sea diving, water sports, horseback riding, canopy tours,
leatherback turtle tours (when in season), shopping excursions to Tamarindo, visits to the
Guatil pottery factories, car rentals, National Park Tours, Volcano Tours and locations of
fiestas when in season.
LEATHERBACK TURTLTE WATCH: see the nesting site of the rare leatherback (la baula)
the largest sea turtle in the world. Reservation recommended (passport number required).
Tour meets at the office of MINAE. Meeting time depends on the tide; length of tour
depends on the turtles. November_ February only, $20 per person all proceeds goes to the
national park.
Like any place in the world, this is a place to use common sense. When you leave the house,
lock up. When you leave your car, lock up AND PLEASE – DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES
drive defensively. Expect the unknown – Oxen drawn carts, herds of cows, horses or any
number of other unusual things!!!
Have a wonderful time and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. The
entire staff is “at your service”. Disfrute!! – Enjoy!!
Leeana Yonkers, Elizabeth Cole, Elibeth Chavarria and Gabriel Caballero
About shells: please do not take lots of shells in your luggage out of the country because at
the airport they will not allow you to take them. Shells are consider part of Costa Rican
Before living the country: you need to pay a Exit Tax which is $26 per person, you can pay
your taxes at the Costa Rican bank in flamingo so you do not have to wait on line at the
airport, you need a copy of your passport or the original.
BEWARE of the ocean rip tides and undertows. Should you find yourself in trouble simply
swim along the shoreline? Do not try to swim to shore. For your personal safety, do not
walk alone at night.
I repeat this over & over. DO NOT leave valuables, passport, airline tickets or suitcases in
your rental cars. Unfortunately theft is prevalent internationally and thieves love to pick
on tourists. Guard your valuables in Safe Deposit Boxes or secure locations.
At times the electricity will go off. This also affects water pressure so please be patient.
These amenities will come back on.
Although the water in this Country is potable, it is better to be safe than sorry. We
recommend you use bottled water for drinking.
Tipping!!! All Restaurants charge 10% automatically on your bill for tips. (Costa Rican
Law). Here is no different than North America. If you have been pleased with your service
it is customary to add an additional 5 – 10% tip.
Regarding maids &
gardeners/maintenance staff – the same rule applies 5 – 10% of your rental rate. If they
have gone out of their way for you to make your stay more enjoyable, please acknowledge
them with a tip.
On behalf of the owners, and myself, we would be most pleased if you would provide your
comments regarding your stay, the staff, address, telephone and e-mail address. Included
in your folder you will find writing paper to do this.
As your Property Manager/Rental Agent, I have included my business card in the
information file and can also provide you with real estate information if you wish it. Should
you require assistance of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Have a wonderful stay!!!
Leeana Yonkers, Elizabeth Cole, Elibeth Chavarria and Gabriel Caballero
Property Management and Rental’s Team