Campus Specific Practices - The California State University

Campus Specific Practices
High School
Fall 2011 Applicant Pool – First Time Freshman
• Applications Received: 35,204
• Students Admitted: 16,421 (47%)
• Average GPA: 3.37
• Average SAT Score: 1020
• In-Area Academic Index Cutoff:
– 3250 SAT | 778 ACT (2011)
• Out of Area Academic Index:
– 3600 SAT | 866 ACT (2011)
• % from an Orange County HS: 41%
Fall 2011 Applicant Pool – First Time Freshman
Top Declared Majors
Business Administration
Selection Process
 CSUF is impacted at the FTF level across all majors.
 For Fall 2013, it is expected that ALL applicants will need to surpass minimum CSU
 The CSUF admissions process is deadline driven. Missed admissions deadlines may
lead to a cancelled application or rescinded admission. This includes but is not
limited to the ELM and EPT placement exams (if required)
 Prospective Division I athletes (men’s and women’s basketball, cross country, golf,
soccer, and track and field; men’s baseball; women’s softball, tennis, and volleyball)
are encouraged to register for a CBS College Sports Interactive account at In addition, women’s dance team tryouts are held each fall
 In order to be accepted as a music major, students must be admitted to the University
AND must also successfully audition for the music department.
 Entering freshman must participate in an early “placement assessment” audition for
the BFA Musical Theatre “track.” More information is available at All students must audition
to participate in the BFA Acting or Musical Theatre Program as Juniors.
Local Admissions
Area for First-time
Admissions Deadlines: Freshmen
 Application Filing Period
 Oct 1 – Nov 30, 2012
 Test Scores (ACT,SAT or TOEFL) due:
 Jan 23,2013
 7th Semester Transcript:
 Mar 23, 2013
 Accepting Admission and Enrollment Deposit:
 May 1, 2013
 ELM/EPT last date to take test:
 May 4, 2013 (April recommended)
 New Student Orientation Registration
 May 16, 2013 by 5:00 pm
 Final Official Transcript: July 16, 2013
Admissions Notes: Freshmen
All requirements for admission must be
completed by June of Senior Year.
(No summer session will be allowed for
Summer 2013 New Student Orientation is
required for all incoming Freshmen.
Students are required to earn a grade of “C” or
better in all a-g coursework during their senior
All offers of admission are conditional upon
verification of application information and senior
year performance.
Admission Appeals
At Cal State Fullerton our process is
deadline-driven and we hold applicants
to our stated deadlines. If a student
was not offered admission, or if their
application was withdrawn because of
a missed deadline, it is unlikely that our
decision will be reversed on appeal.
However, if a student has significant
extenuating circumstances and wishes
to appeal our decision, they can
download information on our process
Counselor “Must Know”
 Cal State Fullerton communicates with prospective (and current) students
through their student portal. Information about accessing the portal can be
found at
 All admissions appeals must be received by CSUF within one month of the
date on the "missed deadline" or "deny" notification / communication from
the Office of Admissions.
 Students appealing a residency decision should contact the Residence
Specialist at (657) 278-2396 or
 Responses to appeals will be provided to student within 3-4 weeks of
submission, by electronic communication only. It is the student’s responsibility
to watch their portal.
Early Start Program (ESP)
 Students Required to Participate in Early Start
 ELM score = less than 50
 EPT score = less than 138
 EAP = Not Exempt
 Notes:
 Please note that students may be told they need
to participate in ESP based on SAT scores, but
satisfying the CSU placement test requirement is
still required.
 $182.00 per unit plus any additional campus fees
 If a student is not planning to attend CSUF, but
wants to utilize CSUF for ESP fulfillment, it is
recommended that they only complete Early Start
classes as there may be disagreement between
CSUs on remediation.
 Early Start Only classes are offered online however
courses that meet ESP requirements and
remediation or partial remediation are offered in
both online and in person settings
 More information can be found at
Please Note:
Contact Info:
• Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day:
Saturday, April 13, 2013.
• Admissions - 657.278.2370
• Campus Tours - 657.278.3120
• Disabled Student Services -657.278.3117
• Financial Aid – 657.278.3125
• Housing – 657.278.2168
• Transfer Services – 657.278.3358
• University Outreach – 657.278.2086
• Cal State Fullerton has just added
1,064 new beds in on-campus
housing, for a total of 1,900 bed
• Priority applications for housing will
be accepted from March 1 – 16, 2013
• The choice of the elephant as the
university’s mascot, dubbed Tuffy
Titan, dates to the early 1960s when
we hosted “The First Intercollegiate
Elephant Race in Human History.”