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Informative Presentation
Goal: Your assignment is an informative speech in which you become the teacher. In this case, you will inform
the class about your oddity. NO “how-to” speeches will be accepted. You are not arguing for a cause, your job
is to present your information in an unbiased way-to teach us something new. Give us information we have
never heard before.
Written Work: You must turn in a preparation outline and bibliography (works cited). These materials are
due on the day of your presentation. Late work will NOT be accepted. The outline and bibliography help show
me that you have thought carefully about your speech, organized your ideas, and supported them with scholarly
research. If you fail to turn these items in on the above mentioned day, you will receive an automatic zero. No,
you may not email me your outline/works cited. These are to be printed out and turned in on the date of your
As noted in your CMS 111 syllabus, students are to speak in an extemporaneous mode. Extemporaneous
speaking style means that you will NOT READ your speech word for word. If you do, you may be told to stop
and sit down or your grade may suffer a 14 point reduction.
Research: Your speech must be based on information obtained from 4- 8 sources (see speech criteria speech).
You must identify each source orally (when you deliver the speech), in the outline of the speech, and on a
single-page bibliography. An adequate source citation in a bibliography includes the name of the publication, its
author, the date it was published, and the volume, issue, and page numbers. Internet citations should include the
name of the web page, the author (or group of authors or organization responsible for publishing the material),
and the specific web address. You may compose your bibliography in MLA format, APA format, or Chicago
Style. Googling these formats or going to the library for manuals will guide you through the process quickly.
Topic Selection: Your topic has been chosen for you.
The Limits: You will have between 6 and 8 minutes to deliver your informative presentation. If you speak for
less than 6 minutes or more than 8 minutes, your grade will be penalized. Two points will be deducted per
minute. This is to encourage you to have a well-developed speech, and to practice your speech before you
Special Requirements: Not required to have a visual aid. Must be appropriately dressed: Men-nice pants/slacks
and collared shirt, no caps, no lounge/athletic wear. Women-no club wear, no cleavage, no short skirts or
platform heels, no lounge/athletic wear. Think about what you would wear to an office, to meet with President
Obama, the Pope or to your grandmother’s 76th birthday party.
Extra credit: +7 for going to Speaking Center. The Speaking Center is located in the Library. ATTN: You
only get extra credit if you spend minimum 45 minute session with a tutor. Also, this meeting CAN NOT be
on the day of your speech. It must be in advance (at least 1 day prior) in order to get extra credit. If you go to
the speaking center on the day of your speech, you will not receive credit. Although multiple sessions with a
tutor can improve your speech and delivery, you will only receive 7 points.
MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT IN ADVANCE!!! The Speaking Center’s calendar fills up quickly You can
call, or walk in to make an appointment. Go to to
book online.
Every document you turn into me must be 12 point, Times New Roman. If your outline does not
look like the one below-14.
Your Name
CMS 111
Due Date
Your Speech Title
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about some of the major uses of hypnosis.
Central Idea: Three major uses of hypnosis today are to control pain in surgery, to help
people stop smoking, and to help students improve their academic performance.
Introduction: (Write this out word for word in full sentences)
State central idea and purpose, introduce topic.
Establish Credibility:
Preview Main Points (this is your transition):
Body: (Make sure you use full sentences for main points, supporting points, sub-supporting
points, and transitions. If you use a signpost, see the example below).
I. Main Point(typically have 2-3 main points)
a. Supporting Point
i. Sub-supporting point (evidence with citations)
ii. Sub-supporting point(evidence with citations)
II. Main Point
a. Supporting Point
i. Sub-supporting point (evidence with citations)
ii. Sub-supporting point(evidence with citations)
Transition: The final point…
III. I would like to discuss is how roses are cultivated.
a. Supporting Point
i. Sub-supporting point
ii. Sub-supporting point
Conclusion: (Write out word for word. Summarize your main points and end with a strong
closing statement).