Assignment 2 –20152

Assignment 2 –20152
Training Centre
This is a group assignment -- PLEASE FILL IN THIS DOCUMENT
When you submit an assignment, you are saying that the submission is your own work and as such you wish to be given credit for the
Occasionally, especially when working on a design problem or writing programs (but never on exams or tests!), it may be necessary to
ask someone for a small amount of help. You are permitted to do so, provided you meet the following two conditions.
1 You acknowledge the help on the work you hand in, including explaining the work or portion of the work done or assisted by another person.
2 You understand the work that you hand in, so that you could explain the reasoning behind the parts of the work done for you or assisted by another.
Any other assistance by another person constitutes a violation called plagiarism and will be treated as such.
When 2 or more of you work together as a group, only one assignment should be submitted with all the members’ names on it at the
time of submission. If two submissions exist, that are essentially the same, then both submissions cannot possibly make the claim that
the work is "solely their own". This is a serious matter and is considered plagiarism. It is recorded in accordance with College policy and
may result in a penalty such as expulsion from the College. Please do not put yourself in this position. Plagiarism is very easy to detect.
Student ID(s)
The above acknowledges you understand.
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Additional Notes
You are given an ACCESS database with information stored about a Training Centre. You are to do the following.
1 Change the name of the instructor Maria da Silva to your own name  very important
2 Export the tables to an SQL Server database. You have done this in your labs.
3 On the SQL Server database apply all the relations. You now have an OLTP for the Training Centre
4 Design a Data Warehouse (Star schema) to submit for management approval – do this very soon
5 Implement the approved design – build the DW tables
5 Extract with SQL the data from the OLTP needed to fill the DW tables. Save the SQL you used to extract the data.
6 Build the required CUBE.
5 In naming tables, attributes, data source views etc please use good naming practices.
PLEASE FILL IN THIS DOCUMENT by replacing the screen shots with your screen shot
Use one of your members email names ---
Example: a2-rontarr.doc
Make sure you CC to ALL members of your group.
Files that are sent without a CC are deducted 20% of the mark.
PLEASE NOTE: The reports shown, if any, are examples only. The correct report
may not be exactly the same.
You cannot implement the design unless you get agreement
from management for your design
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Please note how to submit the screen shots
1 First blow up your cube screen shot to the full computer screen.
2 Expand both sides and all dimensions
3 Take a print screen capture. Do not trim off any of the screen.
4 Put each report on a separate page by replacing my report with your report
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Report 1 shows
1 The same type of data as the following. The years will be different.
Number of Paid attendees by Course Level Name and by Course Name and by all of the Years
Your report will look similar but not the same as it your screen shot has different data.
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Report 2 shows – no sample is supplied
The measure is REVENUE
The left side shows the YEARS and
 Across the top shows the MONTH numbers
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Report 3 shows
Report shows down left side  Category Name, further broken down by Course Name
Across the top  YEAR – show last 5 years only
The 2 measures to be shown are  Revenue and a calculated field called Gross Profit
NOTE: Gross Profit cannot be part of the data warehouse. How to do it is either in the labs or you will have to research how it is done.
Also note that the ability to select a measure called Gross Profit appears in ALL of the reports. The Dimensions and measures do NOT
change every time you run a report. Once the cube is built any number of reports can be run by management from then on.
This is NOT the report, but the idea is something like this one. This report shows paid and not paid. Your report uses different
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Report 4 shows
Report shows Number of Paid during 2012 by Location Name (on left) for 3 specific courses only
Note how 2012 is to be handled
The 3 course are Data Warehousing, DB Basics and Systems Administrator
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Report 5 shows
Report shows
Down left side  All the measures with the addition of the Gross Profit
 The order of the measures must make business sense
Across the top  each of the years
A title on the report
The report will be similar to the following rough guide
Income & Expense Statements - Yearly
Etc ..
Etc …
Etc …
Gross Profit
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Report 6 shows – This is the hardest report to do right
Report shows
Down left side  All managers names fully expanded to show all employees names belonging to each manager level
-- This may be 3, 4 or 5 levels to get fully expanded
Across the top  the 2 measures Years Sales/Revenues and Gross Profit for 2011 and 2012 only
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