Introduction to European Institutional Law Written Exam Questions

Introduction to European Institutional Law
Written Exam Questions
1. What are nowadays sources for EU human rights law? What is scope of protection of human
rights under EU law (who is obliged to protect and in which situations)?
2. On the basis of case-law of Polish Constitutional Court explain relations between Polish and
EU legal orders.
3. How and in what circumstances may an individual use Article 263 TFUE to challenge an act of
EU institutions (please take into account changes introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon)?
4. How balance of different interests is ensured within the institutional structure and decisionmaking process of the EU?
5. Is the Court of Justice of the European Union constitutional court? (discuss)
Literature available in the Department of European Constitutional Law – room 3.13 (since 17th of
December 2012)
P. Craig, G. de Burca, EU Law Text, Cases, Materials, Oxford 2011
T.C. Hartley, The Foundations of European Union Law 7e, Oxford 2012
D. Chalmers, G. Davies, G. Monti, European Union Law: Cases and Materials, Cambridge 2010
Please consult also academic journals available in the Faculty Library
This is first part of exam – open book, take-home exam; positive result is prerequisite of test
Please discuss one selected topic referring to academic literature and relevant case law of the
Court of Justice and/or national courts
Deadline for the submission of your written essays 18th January 2013
The length of the analysis (excluding list of literature) – 6 pages+/-1
Formatting: Times New Roman 12; space 1,5; margins 2 cm each site
Footnotes necessary!!!
Please carefully refer to the academic sources. References must include: author, title of the
publication, title of the journal (if relevant), year of publication, page
TEST EXAMS: 25th January 2013, 1st February 2013