Diapositiva 1

Essential Question:
How does energy flow
through an ecosystem?
S7L4a. Demonstrate in a food web that matter is transferred
from one organism to another and can recycle between
organisms and their environment.
S7L4b. Explain in a food web that sunlight is the source of
energy and that this energy moves from organism to organism.
What is matter?
Matter is anything that has
mass and takes up space.
What happens to matter in the
“circle of life”? Does it just
Matter in an ecosystem may change
form, but it never leaves the ecosystem.
The movement of matter through the
living and non-living parts of an
ecosystem is a continuous cycle.
What does the
diagram to the
right illustrate
about our
You learned about various cycles in the atmosphere,
hydrosphere, and lithosphere in sixth grade. Now, we
are going to examine cycles in the biosphere.
What are some cycles you have learned
about before in science?
Three of the most important cycles in
ecosystems involve water, carbon, and nitrogen.
Water Cycle
Carbon Cycle
What processes are involved in the Carbon Cycle?
Nitrogen Cycle
Why are the water, carbon, and
nitrogen cycles important?
All three cycle elements necessary
for life through the atmosphere,
soil, and living organisms.
Your Turn
• Pick ONE of the following assignments to
– Draw / Label / Color the Carbon Cycle and
Nitrogen Cycle diagrams on pages 482 and
484 of the text book.
– Write a 4 paragraph essay outlining the
importance of the Carbon Cycle and the
Nitrogen Cycle. Include the important parts of
each cycle in your essay.