Government Warm-ups

1) How many articles are in the Georgia
2) Explain what the term “separation of
powers” means.
3) What financial responsibility does a
citizen have toward the government?
4) How old must you be by election day
to vote?
1) Who is the chief election officer in
2) What are the dominant political
parties in Georgia today?
3) Why are third parties important in
political races?
4) How long is the term of a member of
the Georgia General Assembly?
1) What is a permanent committee
2) What happens to a bill if the
Governor does not sign it?
3) What is the next step in the bill
process after a bill has been assigned to
a committee?
4) How many consecutive years can a
Lt. Governor serve in that capacity?
1) What state official provides legal
advice to Georgia’s government?
2) Who has burden of proof in a
criminal case?
3) What are the most serious criminal
crimes called?
4) Which type of government is created
for a single job or single group of tasks?