Performance Task

Georgia in the American Revolution
Through the magic of a time machine you have been transported
into the current year from the year 1800. You personally witnessed
many of the major events leading up to the American Revolution,
some key battles during the war, overheard some of the
Constitutional Convention, and helped structure the constitution of
Georgia. Your arrival is extremely exciting for news media,
historians, and sociologists.
You are practically a movie star! You are going to be on several
talk shows and asked to give speeches about the things you have
seen. We need to get you prepared! Your task is to prepare to
answer questions regarding your experience. You will be asked
questions on talk shows and in interviews. In order to deal with
these situations, you should prepare a press release that will be
given to media outlets. Your press release should include the
following items:
1) A map of the eastern United States
from the time period that shows:
-Where the Battle of Kettle Creek took place
-The location of the Siege of Savannah
-The location of the Constitutional Convention
-The area of Georgia involved in the Yazoo Land Fraud
-The location of the Dahlonega Gold Rush
Your map will need to be clearly labeled and include a key. It should be all on
one 8.5 by 11 paper. This
will help members of the press get an idea of your travels back in the day.
2) A typed statement from you titled: “Georgia’s Statehood: Conflict, Change, and
Consequences.” In this statement you need to select 3 events and 3 people from
the unit that had an impact on the statehood of Georgia.
-For each event, analyze how conflict caused a change related to that event.
-For each person, analyze how their decisions or actions had consequences for
Georgia’s development as a state. The statement should be typed and free of
mechanical errors. Remember, MANY people will be reading this and you want
to give them the best view of you possible.
3) You will be going live on a talk show or newscast where you will probably be
asked the questions:
“Since you’ve been here in 2007, in what ways do you see conflict still causing
change for Georgia and how are individuals still having impact through their
decisions and actions?” We’ll need to hear your answer to that before we let you
go out to the media.
-Include several examples, historic or modern, that support your answer. You’re
trying to show everyone how important conflict and change and the role of
individuals, groups, and institutions are.
The format of this is up to you, you should include a cover page that has your
name, the title of your press release, and the date it is released.