We the People Lesson 5 Pages 41-46

We the People Lesson 5 Pages 41-46
How can we organize government to prevent the abuse of power?
1. How does a system of separation of powers work?
2. Put in your own words the quotes by each Founder from page 43.
 Alexander Hamilton=
 Benjamin Franklin=
 George Mason=
3. What are the three branches of government, and what power does each
4. How does a system of checks and balances work? Give some examples.
5. The separation and sharing of powers means that government cannot reach
decisions quickly.
 Why might this be an advantage?
 Why might this be a disadvantage?
Honors Left-side: http://cmsfortunato.weebly.com/unit-3.html Use the chart on
separation of powers. Make your own diagram to show how checks and balances work.