Principles of Government

Principles of Government
What are the five principles of
1. Sovereignty
2. limited government
3. separation of powers
4. checks and balances
5. federalism
Define sovereignty
the power to govern
comes from the people
In what type of government does
the power come from the people?
What describes the rights of the
people and the framework of the
Define limited government
selected by the voters
cannot just make up
laws or rules as they
see fit. They are bound
by the federal and
state constitutions
Define Separation of power
each branch of government
has certain powers.
What are the three branches of
1. Executive – enforces the law
2. Legislative – makes the law
3. Judicial – interprets the law
Define checks and balances
ensure that no one branch
becomes too powerful
Define federalism
a system in which the
national government and
state governments share
authority over the same
territory and the same
They are subject to both
state and federal laws. If
there is a conflict between
the laws, the federal law
takes precedence.