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Mrs. Engelman Room 9

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My email: [email protected]

Class Website: www.schoolrack.com/engelman Class Grading: www.engrade.com

Accelerated Reader: www.renlearn.com

Go Math: www.thinkcentral.com

All the directions to access these websites are in your folder. It will be important for you to check these sites weekly.

    #1 Rule is RESPECT! Respect others, the environment, and yourself!

Students who are not following the classroom/school rules will first-get a warning, second- fill out a “Behavior Reflection Sheet”, and third- call home and/or be sent to another class on a time-out.

If you are ever to walk in our classroom, you will probably not hear silence! I run a very interactive classroom where students work together. Students sit in cooperative groups of 4 to enhance their learning experience. We will switch groups every four weeks. I will not switch students mid-rotation, since I’m trying to teach them how to work with all kinds of personalities.

           All curriculum is aligned with CA Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Grade level novels: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, The Egyptian Game, Where the Red Fern Grows, Westing Game, + more to be determined!

Go Math eSci+ (extra science program through EGUSD and CSUS) Holt Earth Science Holt World History SPARKS Physical Education Computer Resource Wordly Wise (vocabulary program) Step Up to Writing Accelerated Reader Visual and Performing Arts with Mr. Morse

        Homework will take approximately 45-60 minutes a night, Monday Thursday Wordly Wise, Weekly Math Word Problems, & Reading Log- given on Monday, due on Friday Go Math will be assigned each night Writing, social studies, science, and novel studies will be given as needed We’re to the point where it is very difficult to predetermine homework. Most of the homework assigned is given at the end of a lesson and depends on how much we’ve covered that day. Therefore, I will not be able to provide homework in advance of an absence. Students who are absent are responsible to check the master agenda and get all homework from the homework files. I will work with the student to arrange a due date for missing work.

If your child is having difficulty with the amount/pace/quality of homework, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do make exceptions. Homework will be written in an agenda every afternoon. Parents are encouraged to look at their child’s agenda each evening.

       Check out Engrade! New online grading system that enables you and your child to check their grades anytime online! When requested, a physical copy of progress reports can be sent home.

Students will be given rubrics for a majority of the projects/writing assignments. Not all work coming home will be included in their overall grade.

Grades are weighted- see attached page with details for each subject Change made to trimester academic awards- Grades 4-6 will only be giving out District Honor Roll (3.5 GPA), citizenship awards, and attendance awards. I HIGHLY encourage you to keep a folder/box at home to put all graded assignments that come home for the YEAR! We all make mistakes, including me, and this protects the student in case a mistake is made!

              Adopted by 4-6 teachers 100 % 99-94 93-90 89-87 86-84 83-80 79-77 76-74 73-70 69-67 66-64 63-60 59 A+ A A B+ B B C+ C C D+ D D F

    Accepting a $6 donation for Social Studies/Science Weekly magazine. Make checks payable to CW Dillard.

Join PTO! First meeting is September 5 th at 7 p.m. in MP room Check out the Classroom Volunteer List! Yes, that means you are still needed, even in 6 th grade!!!

Alliance Redwoods meeting on September 4 th , room 9 at 3:45 p.m. Any adult that wants to chaperone MUST be fingerprinted and have clearance by the September 4th meeting. We will choose the chaperones at the meeting.