States of Matter Worksheet

States of Matter Worksheet
Convert 190 mm Hg to kilopascals.
2. Convert 192 mm Hg to atmospheres of pressure.
3. The pressure at the top of Mount Everest is 33.7 kPa. Is this greater or less than 0.25 atm?
4. By what factor does the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a gas in an aerosol
container increase when the temperature is raised from 27’C to 627’C. (Remember to convert
to Kelvin first!!)
5. How can you raise the average kinetic energy of the water molecules in glass of water?
6. Express standard temp & pressure in Kelvins and mm of Hg.
7. The element silver melts at 960.8 ‘C and boils at 2212 ’C. Express these temps in Kelvin.
8. Liquid nitrogen boils at 77.2 K. What is the temp in ‘C?
9. What is significant about the temperature absolute zero?