FALL 2011
There will be 5 parts on the final, as there have been on your chapter tests:
•Escuchar (Listening)
•Vocabulario (Vocabulary)
•Grammar (Gramática)
•Culture (Cultura)
•Reading (Lectura)
All sections will be multiple choice. You will be given a scantron. You are expected to bring two
number two pencils.
The final exams for our classes will take place on Wednesday, December 21 (period 1, at 8:00) and
Thursday, December 22 (period 3, after break.) You will be given two hours to complete the final,
though most students will not need the entire time period. Bring something you can do silently
after you finish. No phones or other electronic devices will be permitted.
You should review thouroughly your notes, flashcards or study sheets and textbook in preparation
for the final, paying attention to the following:
Preliminary chapter
•the names of the letters of the alphabet.
• basic conversational phrases.
•how to say where people are from, using the correct forms of the verb ser.
•the days of the weeks, and how to talk about them.
•Be able to talk about the weather.
• the difference between tú and Ud. and which phrases correspond to them.
•basic classroom commands
Chapter 1, Lesson1
• subject pronouns
•be able to say that different people like to do different things using the verb gustar and the different
object pronouns (me, te, le, nos, les)
•know all the activity vocabulary from the chapter end
• time indicating phrases, like antes y después, and other words like pero, también and más
•Know what an infinitive verb is and what a conjugation is.
•conjugation of the verb ser
•food and drink vocabulary
•cultural information about San Antonio: including Fiesta San Antonio, La Villita, Los Premios
Juventud, and Miami: Calle Ocho, Xavier Cortada
Chapter 1, Lesson 2
•definite articles and indefinite articles
•noun/adjective agreement
•Know the rules for forming plurals
•vocabulary to describe people, and all other vocabulary at chapter’s end
•Tex-Mex cuisine, Carmen Lomas Garza, and cascarones
Activities to practice for the final:
1. Speed-write all six subject pronouns as fast as you can until you know them automatically.
Check your answers with a partner.
2. Find the alphabet page in your text. Take turns spelling words in Spanish out loud to a partner
and having him or her write them.
3. Find a basic conversation from the preliminary chapter. Read one part of it while your
partner improvises the other half. Switch roles.
4. Speed write the conjugations for the verb ser until you know them perfectly. Check your
answers with a partner.
5. Write where everyone at you table is from. Try to use all the subject pronouns.
6. Say the poem for the days of the week from memory.
7. Draw a kind of weather on your white board. Have your partner guess what it is. Switch roles.
8. Write two greetings for a friend and two different ones for a teacher.
9. Have your partner act out basic classroom commands like abre tu libro, saca una hoja de
papel, levántate. Switch roles.
10. Speed write all six forms of saying someone likes something (it is pleasing to him or her) using
the verb gustar, starting with me gusta. Check your answers with a partner.
11. Play pictionary or hangman with the vocab at the end of any of the three chapters.
12. Make a t-graph with San Antonio on one side and Miami on the other. Collect cultural
information throughout chapter 1 about each one. Do this collectively with a partner or
compete: see who can get the most after 5 minutes.
13. Speed write the four definite articles. Check your answers with a partner. Do the same with
the indefinite articles. Explain the difference between the two kinds of articles.
14. With two or more partners, one person says a noun, either masculine, feminine, singular or
plural. Then specify definite or indefinite article. The first person to give the correct article
gets a point. Example: Say: mujeres, indefinite article Answer: Unas
15. To practice plurals- choose a noun from one of the vocab review pages at the end of one of our
chapters. Say un/una______________, Your partner then responds “Dos ___________________”.Giving
the correct plural. Switch roles.
16. Explain to a partner what you know about Carmen Lomas Garza, cascarones, or Tex-Mex food
while he or she draws pictures of your explananation.