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Ohio Social Studies Standards
8th Grade American History Unit
Melissa Moore
Peggy Livingston
ED 639
Dr. Helms
Table of Contents
Standards List
History Activities
Government Activities
Geography Activities
Economics Activities
Citizenship Activities
People in Societies
Social Studies Skills and Methods
The Standards
People in Societies
• Citizenship Rights and
• Economics
• Social Studies Skills
and Methods
History Activities
Timeline Activity
Road to Revolution Game
Boston Tea Party Activity
Declaration of Independence Activity
Key Battles Activity
Timeline Activity
• Click on the History Place Banner
• Use the information on this website to create a
timeline of events leading up to the American
• Include Parliamentary Acts and important events
Road to the Revolution
• Click on the Picture
• Play the Road to
Revolution game
Boston Tea Party Activity
• Read the eye witness account of the Boston Tea
Party by clicking on either picture
• People in the colonies learned about the Boston
Massacre from posters illustrated by Paul Revere.
Make your own poster of the Boston Tea Party.
Declaration of Independence
• The Declaration of
Independence was an
important step towards the
• After reading the
Declaration, discuss
reasons why the colonists
felt justified in separating
from Britain
• Click on the picture to
read the document
Battles of the Revolution
• Click on the picture
• Research one of the
key battles
• Write a letter to a
friend describing the
battle as an eyewitness.
Government Activities
Preamble Activity
Early Political Parties Activity
Articles of Confederation Activity
Separation of Powers Activity
Northwest Ordinance Activity
Preamble Activity
• Click on the picture of
Thomas Jefferson.
• Read the preamble of the
Declaration of
• What natural rights did the
colonists believe they
• How does this relate to
ideas of Enlightenment?
Early Political Parties
• Click on the picture
• Research the early political parties by searching
the site
• Discuss the differences between the Federalist
and Anti-Federalist Parties including:
The national bank
Payment of debt
Constitutional interpretation
Support of England or France
Articles of Confederation Activity
• Click on the picture to read about the Articles of
• What were the weaknesses?
• How does this demonstrate a need for a stronger
form of government?
Separation of Powers Activity
• Using the website, define the separation of powers
and checks and balances.
• Why is this an important feature of the American
Northwest Ordinance Activity
• The Northwest Territory
included the area that would
become Ohio.
• How would the settlement of
this land affect the Native
• What procedures did the
Northwest Ordinance establish
for settlement of the new
• Click on the picture to find
information on the north west
Geography Activites
• 13 Colonies Activity
• Battles of the American
Revolution Activity
• Transcontinental Rail road
• Lewis and Clark Activity
• Regions Activity
Lewis and Clark Expedition Activity
• Click on the pictures
• Follow the journey of
Lewis & Clark make a list
of their discoveries
involving :
-new species
-Indian tribes
-the Rockies
13 Colonies Activity
• Click on the picture
• Select a New England,
Middle, and Southern
• Create a chart detailing
-date founded
-who founded
-major industries
-major cities
Battles of the American Revolution Activity
• Click on picture
• Students will select one of
the following battles and
discuss it’s importance in
the Revolutionary War.
• Battle of
• Battle of Bunker Hill
• Battle of Saratoga
• Battle of Yorktown
• Battle of Quebec
Transcontinental Railroad Activity
The Transcontinental Railroad linked
the East to the West. It played a
significant role the expansion of
westward migration.
Click on the picture.
Students will work in teams of two.
-One student will follow the journey
of the Central Pacific Railway, the
other student will follow the journey
of the Union Pacific Railway.
Students will make a poster
describing the obstacles and
hardships faced on the journey
Regions Activity
Click on the picture
Print out the information sheet for
Southern, Middle, or New England
Using the information sheet answer
the questions below for your area of
-Categorize the colonies into New
England, Middle, or Southern.
-Describe why these colonies were
-List three geographical
characteristics of each colony
-Describe the colonists' attitude
towards slavery and how it worked .
Economics Activities
Currency Activity
Tax Activity
Occupation Activity
Triangular Trade Activity
States’ Rights Activity
Currency Activity
• Use the links provided to look
at examples of colonial money.
• How does it differ from our currency?
– Did the United States have a standard currency?
• How is it the same?
Tax Activity
• Research the different Parliamentary Acts by
clicking on the picture.
• Compare the British and colonial views on these
• How did this economic factor influence the
Revolutionary War?
Occupation Activity
• Click on the picture
• Look up some of the jobs
available in the colonies
• Pick a job; write an essay
about your job and how it
is effected by the
Parliamentary Acts
– Stamp Act, Sugar Act,
Navigation Act, etc.
Triangular Trade Activity
• Click on picture
• Read about the trade route
that came to be known as the
Triangular trade.
• You are a captain of a ship,
write a diary of your journey
between Europe, Africa and
the West Indies.
- Discuss the goods and human
cargo you transport.
- Discuss the conditions the
slaves endured on the journey
States Rights or A Strong Central Government? Activity
The Articles of Confederation was replaced by
the creation of the U.S. Constitution.
Click on the picture and review the chart
comparing the Articles of Confederation and
the U.S. Constitution.
Select one of the two scenario below:
1)You are a representative from Virginia who is an
advocate for States rights. Write a speech to
present to the other delegates arguing why it
is important to protect state's rights.
2) You are representative from Massachusetts who
is an advocate for a strong central
government. Write an speech on why it is
important to adopt create a strong central
Citizenship Activities
• Ten Amendments Activity
• Why Vote Activity
• Democrat, Republican, or
Independent Activity
• Historical Figures Promote
the Rights of Individuals
• Historical Figures Role in
Restricting the Rights of
Ten Amendments Activity
• Click on the picture
• Review the ten amendments to
the Constitution. These are
called the Bill of Rights.
• Choose two of the
amendments and write a short
essay explaining why these
amendments are important to
you and Americans in general.
• Write your own amendment
and explain why it should be
Why Vote? Activity
Click on the picture
Click on Take the quiz to learn why
it’s important to vote. Answer the
questions below.
-What amendments gave 18 year olds
the right to vote?
-What amendment gave
African Americans the right to vote?
-What amendment gave women the right
to vote?
-In two elections there was there a small
percentage difference in votes cast
that determined the election of the
President. What year were these
elections ? Who were the
Democrat, Republican, or
Independent ?
• Voting is not a popularity
contest. It is important to know
the issues
• Click on the picture and take
the quiz.
-Do you views match those of the
Democratic parties national
-Do your views reflect the
Republican parties
national platform?
-Do your views indicate you are
an independent? Do you side
with different parties
depending on the issues?
Historical Figures Promote the
Rights of Individuals
• Click on the picture of one of
the three historical figures
below and read about their
contribution to the separation
of the American colonies from
-Samuel Adams
-Thomas Jefferson
-George Washington
• In a poster format include text
and graphics to describe the
characters role in promoting
the American Revolution and
the establishment of a new
Historical Figures’ Roles in Restricting the
Rights of Individuals
• Click on the picture of one of
the two historical figures below
and read about their role in the
restriction of the rights of
-Andrew Jackson and the
Indian Removal Act
-Thomas Jefferson as a slave
• Write an essay describing the
contradiction of their actions
listed above with their
espoused belief in individual
People in Societies
People in Societies Activites
Spies of the Revolution
Women in the Revolution
Religion in the Colonies
Slavery in the Colonies
If I were a colonist….
Spies of the Revolution
• Spies played an important role
in gaining information during
the war.
• Use the link provided
• What techniques did spies use
to keep their messages
• What important information did
they provide?
• Who were some famous spies,
and what role did women play?
Women in the Revolutionary War
• Click on the link provided
• Research women involved
in the Revolutionary War
• Write about one of these
women and the role they
played in America’s fight
for freedom.
Religion in the Colonies
• Click on the links provided
• What religions were
practiced in the
American Colonies?
• How has the concept of
religious freedom
developed in the United
Slavery in the Colonies
• Click on the links provided
• Read about the lives of
Africans in the American
• Write a journal entry
describing your day if you
were an African American
living in the colonies
Daily life in the Colonies
• Click on the picture
• What would your life have
been like if you lived in the
• Write a journal entry
describing it.
Social Studies Skills and Methods
Skills and Methods Activities
Common Sense or Plain Sense
Colonist Activity
Fiction or Nonfiction?
State Your Opinion
Timeline Activity
Venn Diagram
Common Sense or Plain Sense
• Click on the pictures
• Patriots and Loyalists had very
different views in the American
Revolution. Review the
positions of Thomas Paine in
Common Sense and James
Chalmers in Plain Sense
• Analyze the differences of the
two and display the differences
in a chart.
Colonist Group Activity
• Divide into groups.
• Pretend that you are the colonists:
– Discuss why you should or shouldn’t separate from
England. Use the website provided to find supporting
– Group members should represent both loyalist and
revolutionary perspectives.
– Be prepared to present your arguments to the class
and defend your arguments.
Fiction or Nonfiction?
• Click on the picture and read “The Midnight Ride of
Paul Revere”.
• Is this a historical document or fiction?
• What is factual about the poem?
• What is the point of view?
State Your Opinion Activity
The Proclamation of 1763 prevented
colonists from settling beyond an
imaginary line west of the
Appalachian Mountains.
Click on the picture to review the
Proclamation of 1763
As a colonist you disagree with the
King’s act. Write a letter to King
George III to convince him to repeal
this act and allow colonists to settle
in the lands west of the
Timeline Activity
• Click on the picture
• Click on the battles on the left
side of the site and create your
own timeline for the
Revolutionary War battles.
• List the following on your
• -name of battle
• -date of battle
• -victor of the battle
Venn Diagram Activity
• Click on the picture
• Review the memoirs of
American patriots. Create
a Venn diagram on the
idea of liberty. Describe
characteristics unique to
the patriots, shared by the
patriots and you, and
unique to you.