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When Tornadoes Form:
On the Southern Plains, tornado season is from May to early June
On the gulf coast, tornadoes form in early Spring
In the upper Midwest, most tornadoes form in June or July
Tornadoes can happen at any time if the conditions are right.
What is a tornado?
A small, rotating
column of air that
has high wind
speeds, low central
and touches the
Difference between Funnel cloud and a
A funnel cloud is a funnel
shaped cloud of condensed water
droplets, associated with a
rotating column of air and
extending from the base of a
cloud but not reaching the
If a funnel cloud touches the
ground it is called a tornado.
How Does A Tornado Form?
A tornado forms when
here are two winds,
raveling in different
after a tornado starts to spin,
updrafts straighten it, and it
becomes visible in the
cloud. The updrafts start to spin
with the other winds.
Funnel Cloud To Tornado (cumulonimbus)
After the updrafts straiten the tornado. It makes its way down to the
bottom of the tornado, thus forming a funnel cloud. The funnel cloud
grows into a tornado when it touches the ground.
Tornado Rating Scale
Tornadoes are rated on the Fujita
scale, which is scaled from F0-F6
with F0 having light damage, and
F6 being severe. This system was
created by Ted Fujita and Allen
Parson. On the right is a detailed
chart that shows the accurate winds
speeds and possible damage from
each levels of the scale (This does
not include F6).
Where Tornadoes Form
75% if the world's tornadoes happen in the United States.
In the U.S.
The most common place to find tornadoes is in Tornado Alley.
Tornado Alley is in central U.S.
Most tornadoes would be found in a flat areas where warm air
(from the Gulf of Mexico) meets the cold polar air (fro Canada).
This is why the central states of America get many tornadoes.
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