Chapter 15 Northern Europe What is the smallest country in

Chapter 15 Northern Europe
1. What is the smallest country in Scandinavia? ________________________________________
2. Name 3 things that tell about the UK’s modern economy_____________________________,
3. True or False Iceland has several islands. _____________________________________________
4. Important natural resources in Finland and Sweden are ______________________________.
5. Name 3 of the earliest industries in the United Kingdom.
6. How many seasons do central Sweden and Finland have?____________________________
7. Which Sea is the most important for sea fishing and trade in Northern Europe?_______________
8. What do westerly winds bring to northern Europe? ___________________and___________________
9. Every government in Scandinavia is a ____________________ government.
10. Name 3 things that contributed to the Industrial Revolution ___________________________,
11. Ireland no longer depends on potatoes and timber, so what do they depend on now?
12. 90% of all Britons live in _______________________ areas.
13. Name 4 of Sweden’s main sources of wealth. _________________________,__________________
14. What 2 main things is Denmark’s economy based on? ___________________and_____________
15. England had great success in the 1500-1600’s , what was this based on? ___________________,
16. A(n) _______________________ country does not take sides in an international conflict?
17. What countries does Scandinavia include? __________________, _____________________,
18. By 1900 what Empire controlled almost one quarter of the world’s land. _____________________
19. What is the capital of Norway? ______________________________
20. Most of Greenland is covered by what?__________________________________
21. What is the most popular religion in Scandinavia?___________________________________
22. Most countries in northern Europe have a ___________________________________ climate.
23. Ireland’s government includes a parliament and an elected ____________________________.
24. What is the major religion in Northern Ireland? ______________________________
25. What is the minor religion in Northern Ireland?_______________________________
26. Norway is a constitutional monarchy with an elected ____________________________________
27. The North Sea’s seabed contains rich deposits of ______________________ and natural gas.
28. The British Isles are divided into the Republic of Ireland and ____________________________.
29. What is a Scottish term that means “valley”? ___________________________________________
30. If an area can’t support human settlement we call it, ___________________________________.
31. What is a deep, narrow sea inlet between rocky cliffs?__________________________________
32. What is another term for cloth products? ______________________________________________
33. Which form of government has a parliament making laws and a monarch as the head of state?
34. What do you call an extreme food shortage?_______________________________________
35. What is the warm ocean current that makes parts of northern Europe warmer than normal?
36. What is the largest city in the United Kingdom? _______________________________
37. What is the capital of Ireland? ___________________________________________