Strength and Conditioning 14 week 1 phase 4

Strength and Conditioning 14 week 1 phase 4
(March 16 – March 22)
Do the following set of exercises 3 times with minimal break between exercises and sets.
15-20 scapular push ups (do them on your knees if you can’t get to 15 on your toes)
30 seconds dynamic plank (moving arms only)
8-12 single leg deficit calf raises
8-12 table rows
8-12 double extended leg raises
20-30 clams
Scapular push ups: with your toes on the ground, support yourself with your forearms sort of like
you would in a plank but keep your arms shoulder width apart and your forearms pointing forwards
(not with your hands clasped like some people do planks). This next part is hard to explain so I’ll do
my best and also post a video. Let your upper body sink down as low as possible by only moving your
back shoulder muscles (i.e. your forearms don’t move and your upper arms shouldn’t move much),
then using your back shoulder muscles elevate your upper body as high as possible. This is one rep.
Here is a video: scapular push ups
Dynamic plank (moving arms only): hold yourself in a high plank positions (like a normal plank but
with your hands on the ground instead of your forearms) and for 30 seconds hold approximately
that form while moving your hands around on the ground. Here is a video: dynamic plank she shows
some progressions but just do the first one where you keep your feet in the same spot and move
your hands.
Single leg deficit calf raises: like a normal calf raise but do it on the edge of a step or a flat chair or
something with your toes on the step and your heel hanging over the edge. When you are lowering
yourself down, let your heel go below the level of the step. Hold onto something for balance support
when you do this.
Table rows: lie underneath a table with your head near the edge and your feet in the middle and
hold the edge of the table with your fingers on top and your thumbs underneath. Keeping your feet
on the ground, lift your body up towards the table and back down again. This is one rep. Make sure
you don’t rest on the ground between reps. Putting your legs out straight makes it harder and
bending them and bringing your feet towards your upper body makes it easier. Put your feet at a
position so that you can complete somewhere between 8 and 12 reps but wouldn’t be able to do 13.
If you don’t have a sturdy enough table at home you can do this on one of those bar fences that
often are around footy ovals.
Double extended leg raises: lie on the ground with your arms by your sides and your legs straight.
Keeping your legs straight, slowly raise them until they are perpendicular with the floor, then slowly
lower them back down. Do 8-12 reps and make sure to not let your legs rest on the ground between
Clams: lie on your side with your thigh and back and thighs flexed at 45 degrees and your knees
flexed at 90 degrees. Keeping your feet together, slowly raise your top knee in the air, then back
down again. This is one rep, don’t rest your top leg on your bottom leg between reps. Do 20-30 reps
for one side, then switch to the other side.