Strength and Conditioning

Camp: RAF 28/11/09
Strength and Conditioning (S & C) for cycling
Key Points:
WHY? Performance development and injury prevention
WHAT MOVEMENTS? Multi-joint movements are used to simulate real sporting movements (specificity).
Speed of movement - slow eccentric phase (downward) and fast explosive concentric phase (upward).
Performance gain is dependent on proper execution.
WHAT EXERCISES? Max 5 high intensity exercises. More than this will cause fatigue and impair quality/effectiveness.
HOW OFTEN? 1 X / Week
HOW MANY REPS / SETS? High repetitions to recruit slow-twitch muscle fibres and promote muscular endurance: 1 set to fatigue
provides same gains as 2 or 3 sets, provided set is to fatigue (sufficient overload). NB. If new to S & C an easy warm-up set is
recommended before fatigue set.
X 1 set of 30 reps or fatigue if this occurs earlier. Focus on form,
If you feel able to continue at 30 then you will need additional weight – for example, introduce medicine balls.
Workout below contains 5 high intensity exercises and 2 core specific exercises (repetitions listed):
Warm-up: 10 minutes jog or easy cycle.
Strength and conditioning workout
Instructions and cues:
1. Squat
Stand with feet just inside hip width. Think saddle width.
Sit back, “bottom out”. Bend your knees not your back. Chest up.
Imaging sitting in and out of a chair. Arms crossed over chest or with weights.
2. Static lunges
Step one leg forward and one leg back. (AIM to create a right angle with the front
knee and a right angle with the back). Keep most of the weight through the front leg.
Dip the back knee down bending the front. FOCUS on vertical movement. Keep your
torso upright. Repeat both sides.
3. Side plank
Lying on your right side. Place your feet on top of each other. Rest on right forearm.
Stabilise with your left hand. Lift your body up into a side plank position. Hold for 5
seconds then slowly lower. Maintain alignment. Repeat both sides.
4. Push-up to front plank
5. Single leg squats
6. Bridge
7. Jeckle
Push up position – on toes or knees. Lower down into plank position. Push back up into
push up position. Alternate leading arm (i.e. down on to right forearm then left forearm
– hold plank 3 seconds – push-up with right arm then left – hold position for 3 seconds)
– Repeat.
Cross arms over chest, track knee, sit back, chest up, have non-standing leg up. Bend
down ½ range of motion. Repeat both sides.
Lying on your back – core on
Roll up , lifting tailbone upwards, hold 3 seconds, roll down
IF ABLE: In bridge position, lift one foot 2” off the floor, then slowly with control
extend leg out, point the toes, reverse down in the same way
Repeat both sides x 6-10, x 2sets.
4pt kneeling - Set up “box” – hands under/in line with shoulders. Knees under /in line
with hips. (Draw lower abdominal muscles away from the floor, without breath holding)
– 40% effort – imagine holding a wee, flat stomach. Elevate onto tip toes without
“doming stomach” and maintaining spinal alignment, hold 5s lower repeat 2 x 6-10