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Thank you for registering with Zumwalt Wrestling Club (ZWC) for the 2010-2011 season. We are
excited to have you with us this year. If you are new to the sport of wrestling feel free to ask
questions. The best way to contact me is by email at: [email protected]
You should have already received a practice schedule, if not please pick one up tonight. This is a
tentative schedule; sometimes we have conflicts due to High School activities. If the schedule
changes I will post that information on our website, please check this website on a daily basis! I
will also try to send a group email out to everyone. If you do not have access to email please let
me know so I can contact you by phone. Our web site is: www.fortzumwaltwrestling.com, you
can use our website to view tournament flyers as they come available.
Practice Schedule- NEW:
This year we will have all ages of wrestlers practice on Monday and Wednesday nights!
Thursday nights are for ages 9-14 only.
Club t-shirts:
Shirts will be ordered the first of November. If you would like to order a t-shirt or sweatshirt for
yourself or other family members I will provide that order form the first week of practice.
Singlets are issued with a $50.00 deposit; this is the required uniform at tournaments. Our
Singlets are one way for our coaches to recognize your wrestler during a match. Singlets will be
available next week for pick up! Please take care of the singlet by washing it on gentle in COLD
water and HANG DRY only!! Singlets are to be worn at tournaments only, not to practice!
Housekeeping Issues: Please adhere to the NO STREET SHOES ON THE MATS rule. This will help
us control the amount of bacteria and germs that come into contact with the bottom of your
shoes onto our wrestling mats. Also, if you have small children in the building do not allow
them to run or play in the halls. Due to safety regulations, it is prohibited to play with balls or
any kind of sporting equipment in the high school halls. They need to be supervised by another
adult while in the building at all times.
Skin Infections:
Wrestling is a great sport; unfortunately there are some common skin infections that can occur.
These infections generally come from the mats or another wrestler.
1. Ringworm: Very common and very contagious. This is a small circular dry patch of
skin, red in appearance. If your child has this please do not bring them to practice
until the infection has been treated for at least 24 hours! Upon return the infection
should be covered!
2. Staph: This is the most threatening to wrestlers. This infection can start wherever
there is an open wound (even as small as a scratch). There are several different
types of staph. Some are very hard to treat. If you suspect that your wrestler has
staph take them to the doctor immediately for treatment. The wrestler should not
return to practice until they have received a release note from the doctor.
What can you do to help prevent and protect your wrestler from skin infections?
1. Make sure your wrestler uses antibacterial soap when showering immediately after
2. Cover all open wounds with gauze and tape. Band-Aids fall off!
3. Wash all of the practice clothes in hot water after practice. Never wear your practice
clothes more than once!
4. Do not wear winter coats to practice. Always wear a hoodie or something washable.
5. Use ‘Skin Defender’ to help cut down on infections. Skin Defender provides a barrier
between the mats and your wrestler. I have this product available for $20/can. One can
will last you all season!
6. DO NOT wear your wrestling shoes outside. Put them on after entering the building.
What we do to help cut down on infections:
1. After the high school team finishes practice each day the mats are mopped down with a
high grade anti-bacterial solution.
2. Keep all street shoes off the mats
3. Instruct your wrestler to use the hand sanitizer that is located outside the door of the
practice room.
4. Use the shoe cleaner mat that is located at the entrance of the wrestling room.
Registering for Tournaments:
I will have a file for everyone in the club. Please go to your file every night at practice to check
and see if any tournament flyers/information is there. It is up to you if you want your wrester to
attend that tournament. They are not required. To register your wrestler complete all
information required on the “Tournament Registration Form”. It will be located on the table
outside the wrestling room and payment is required at that time. Cash or checks are the only
forms of payment accepted! If payment is not provided at time of registration your wrestler will
NOT be able to enter that tournament (no exceptions)! Tournament registration is typically
provided to you 1-2 weeks ahead of time, depending on the event. Tournament registration
fees are non-refundable/non-transferable. You should arrive to the tournaments 45 minutes-1
hour prior to start time to warm up. Make sure that you get driving directions prior to each
tournament; driving directions are not provided by the venue.
Rating 1- if your wrestler placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in AAU or USA State
Rating 2- if your wrestler placed 4th, 5th or 6th in AAU or USA State
Rating 3- experienced wrestlers with 1-3 years of experience
Rating 4- 1st year wrestlers ONLY.
**Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep track of your wrestlers win/lose
record. The win/lose record has to be submitted for Triple Crown events and AAU/USA State in
order for your wrestler to be seated. Without a win/lose record they will not be seated.
The ‘Butter Braids’ fundraiser is now underway. If you need an order form I have them
available. This is an optional fundraiser. The fundraiser profits go directly to YOU, not our club.
These profits can be used to pay for your tournament fees. You sell the items and then your
profits will be given to you in the form of cash at the end. No fundraiser accounts will be kept
this year.
Club Fundraiser (MO Challenge):
This is one event that we require all parents to participate. Our club hosts this “Triple Crown”
event each year. It is held at the beginning of February and is a huge tournament including over
a 1,000 wrestlers. We need at least 1 parent from every family to work this tournament which
is held here at Zumwalt North. We will have sign-up sheets as time nears. This is what your $50
work deposit is for and after your family has fulfilled your work duty we will return your check
to you.
Inclement Weather:
If Zumwalt cancels school or lets out early due to snow then we will NOT have practice. Please
watch for school closings or check out our website for more information. During the holiday
breaks we still practice! These practices will vary so please check your schedule.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.
Thank You