Chapter 3-2
New England Colonies
3-2 Religious Freedom
• Religious freedom pushed the next wave of
settlers to N. America
• People unhappy w/ Anglican church dissented
or disagreed w/ the church
• Catholics for example were persecuted, or
treated harshly, for their beliefs
• Protestants that want to reform the church
were Puritans while Separatists want to
break away
3-2 Pilgrims
• Separatists that made an agreement w/ the
Virginia Company to set out on a religious
• Mayflower – 1620 pilgrims = 35 of 102 on the
journey the rest were known as strangers
• Landed North of Virginia in Plymouth
• Led by William Bradford
• Wrote their own set of laws and pledged
allegiance to England in the Mayflower Compact
a form of rep. gov.
3-2 Native American Help
• ½ died in the first winter
• Squanto and Samoset gave aide to the
• Squanto knew English after being kidnapped
and taken to Europe
• S&S helped the Pilgrims make a treaty with
Massasoit of the Wampanoag
3-2 Massachusetts
• 1625 Charles I becomes King and persecution of
Puritans increases
• 1629 Puritans form Massachusetts Bay Company
• Receive a charter to settle north of Plymouth
• 1630 John Winthrop chosen as governor
• Leads 900 to Mass. Bay and settle Boston
• Great Migration – 1630’s 15000 Puritans journey to
• General Court established as a form of rep gov
• Toleration - Puritans persecute people with different
3-2 Connecticut
• 1630’s colonists begin to settle south of Mass.
b/c of fertile land
• 1636 Thomas Hooker led his congregation to
Connecticut and founded Hartford
• 1639 – Hartford, Windsor, Wethersford form
the Colony of Connecticut
• 1639 - Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
adapted and becomes the first written
constitution and fully described rep. gov.
3-2 Rhode Island
• Established by colonists that were forced out of
• Roger Williams felt people should not be
persecuted and gov. has no right to interfere with
• Also felt land should not be taken away from
Native Americans
• 1635 banished
• 1644 receives a charter and establishes a colony
called Rhode Island and Providence Plantation
3-2 New Hampshire
• 1638 – John Wheelwright followed William’s
• Leads a group north and establishes the town
of Exeter in New Hampshire
• 1679 – New Hampshire becomes independent
of Mass.
3-2 Native American Conflict
• Caused by settlers moving out into lands w/
out permission or payment
• 1636 – War erupts in Mass. And Conn. With
• 1675 – King Phillip’s war (Metacomet) leader
of the Wampanoag
• Colonists win and end the Native American
power in New England and are free to expand