Executive Branch Review Worksheet:

Executive Branch Review Worksheet:
1) What is the longest anyone could serve as President? How could it happen?
2) What is the “Winner Take All” System?
3) What are the three requirements necessary to become President?
4) If the Vice Presidency is vacant, who chooses a new VP? Who must approve the choice?
5) Name the first four (offices) in the Presidential succession
6) What is the President’s Cabinet?
7) Which branch of Congress must approve the President’s choices for the Cabinet and Judges?
8) List five Presidential duties
9) Name at least four Cabinet Departments
10) How many Electoral Votes are necessary to become President? What happens if no candidate gets that
many electoral votes?
11) Approximately how many people work for the Executive Branch in Washington?
12) What is the primary responsibility of the Executive Branch?
13) How many Electoral Votes does Wisconsin have?
14) What two States allow their Electoral Votes to be split between Candidates?
15) What is Camp David?
16) Presidential action that has the “force of law”?
17) Approximate Presidential salary?
18) Only non-white President?
19) Only non Protestant President?
20) Only female President?