Parenting Week 12 Vocabulary 1. age-appropriate

Parenting Week 12 Vocabulary
1. age-appropriate
2. attention
3. confidence
4. language
5. memory
6. mixed emotions
Things suitable for the age and individual needs of a child
The ability to focus for a time on selected sensory information or an
Believing in one’s self
The human use of spoken or written words as a communication system
The ability to store and recall information learned and events experienced
Having a variety of feelings about something
7. multiple roles
Being a mother, father, and having a career all at the same time
8. nonverbal
Using gestures and moving instead of words to communicate
The knowledge that objects have an existence in time and space,
independent of whether or not they can be seen or touched
Putting tasks in order of importance
9. object permanence
10. priorities
11. stimulation
12. support system
To encourage something such as an activity or a process so that brain
activity will begin, increase, or develop
People in parents’ lives who they can trust and rely on to help them with
challenges of caring for children