Welcome to the Mystery of History

Welcome to the
Mystery of History
IB History SL/TOK
and History Lab
Grab a quiz and a pen.
What We’ll Do
• Causes, practices and effects
of wars
• Different types of and nature
of 20th century warfare
• Origins and causes of war
• Nature of 20th century wars
• Effects and results of wars
• World War I, World War II,
Chinese Civil War (19271937 and 1946-1949),
Russian Civil War, Spanish
Civil War
What We’ll Do
• Authoritarian and singleparty states
• Mao and China
• Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin
and the USSR
• Hitler and Germany
• Mussolini and Italy
• The Cold War
The Korean War
Cuba and Vietnam
Breakup of the Soviet Union
What We’ll Do
• Our prescribed subject
• Communism and Crisis
• China post-1976 and
Eastern Europe/the
Soviet Union until 1989
What We’ll Answer
• Who was responsible for the
close of the Cold War?
• Why did Hitler declare war
on the United States?
• How did World War I lead
to World War II?
• What is the legacy of Mao
• How was the Cuban Missile
Crisis solved?
Course Themes
Course Themes
The IB Exam
• Completed on May 6 and 9, I will do everything I can
for you.
• Internal assessment (IA) 25%
Historical investigation on any area of the syllabus
20 hours, work begins in September
Drafts in January and February, due in March
Outline plan of the historical investigation, summary of
evidence, evaluation of sources, analysis, conclusion
The IB Exam
• Paper 1 35%
1 hour, Communism and Crisis 1976-89
Five different sources for the subject, four questions
1a, what the source tells you about the particular issue
1b, what information or message the visual source
• 2, compare and contrast the information in two different
• 3, evaluate two different historical sources
• 4, combine information in the sources and your own
knowledge to answer a question
The IB Exam
• Paper 2 45%
• 1 hour, 30 minutes
• Five sections, one for each IB topic
• Six essay questions about the topic, must answer two
questions from two different topics
• Some questions will be specific, some will be open
Recent Scores
Avg. 5.49 World 4.56
Avg. 6.00 World (Less)
• Less textbook reading (quizzes remain a big part of the
course), more external readings
• Varied formative assessment, further emphasis on
Paper 1 skills
• More time on course of wars and technology, social
policies of single-party leaders, the Cold War (Paper 2)
and Communism in Crisis (Paper 1)
• Hoping for guest speakers and video series
• Open to appropriate suggestions
• Major Assignments – Tests, Designated Papers,
Designated Projects, 60 percent
• Minor Assignments – Quizzes, In-Class Assignments,
Group Work, 30 percent
• Homework and Participation, 10 percent
• 9/8/15
• Objective: Through lecture,
SWBAT describe the policies
and procedures of this course.
• PrimeTime: What have you
heard about me and this
course? (Always answered in
the beginning of class)
• Take notes.
• Use your outlines, annotate
• Issued today and
intermittently throughout
the course.
• Must be returned in one
piece to complete the course.
• Focused on collective
learner growth.
• Democratic, meaningful
• Spectrum of hands-on
physical simulations to
lecture periods.
• Varied instructional
• Requires respect shown for
myself and for your peers.
Class Expectations
• Be on time and prepared
for class.
• Follow all directions the
first time they are given.
• Complete your own work
with your best effort.
• Follow the student
handbook and its code of
• Always allow me to teach
and others to learn.
Entering the Room
• No iPods or cell phones
should be visible.
• Food and drinks (excluding
bottled water) should be away.
• Do not attempt to enter the
room with any of these items.
• No gum chewing, application
of makeup or grooming in the
• Bags may be kept on the floor
or on an adjacent desk.
• Dismissal occurs when?
• Adhere to the school
attendance policy.
• If I feel you are in danger, I
will first address it with you
and then the school’s
• It is your responsibility to
make up work. See me for
anything you have missed.
• Absent on a due date? It is
due the next day, unless
otherwise directed. Use e-mail
to communicate.
• Must be in your seat in a
timely manner.
• If late, quietly sign the
sheet at the front of the
room and present yourself
for a detention during the
second half of Friday
• Chronic lateness will be
addressed with notification
of a parent/guardian or the
school’s administration.
• Assignments are to be
turned in on the date they
are due.
• Late work will be accepted
with a 10 percent deduction
per day overdue.
• Communication must be
initiated by the student if
extenuating circumstances
have affected the completion
of an assignment.
Academic Honesty
• Collaborate often in this
class, there is a time and a
place for it.
• Do not do it. Papers, tests,
• Includes allowing others to
copy your work.
• Addressed on a case-by-case
basis – most likely, your
assignment will be failed
and addressed with the
Cell Phone Policy
• I take them.
• Brought to the office at my
first available opportunity
and you will be in touch
with the administration
from there.
• Don’t do it to yourself, I
know you need them to
• Potential opportunities for
use throughout the course.
Bathroom AND NURSE
• Raise three fingers to use
the bathroom. I will point
to you, please sign out, and
then exit the room quietly.
• Do not make your bathroom
usage a reason why you miss
too much class time.
• For the nurse, raise your
hand and ask to go to the
nurse, please sign out.
• Fire Drill – Exit the building
quietly and stand in an
orderly fashion. Allow me to
take attendance. Face the
• Address any concerns with
me after I have finished roll.
• Evacuation – Follow the
assigned procedure.
• Lockdown – Gather near the
office wall, be silent.
• http://www.youtube.com/
About Me
• Grew up in Hazlet.
• Communications High
School, Boston University,
Monmouth University.
• Worked in schools around
Monmouth County.
• Graduate school.
About Me
• Golf, Beach, Traveling,
Exercise, Movies (Gladiator).
• Jets, Mets, Devils, Nets, Team
• Wanted to be a journalist,
then a broadcaster, then a
politician, never have I
wanted to do anything more
than teach.
• History Channel, History
Lectures, History Parties.
• Favorite President:
This Summer
• Traveling, work, beach.
• Additional IB training in
• Tried to become a better
• Questions?
Who’s Who?
An IB History quiz.
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