Lab Equipment & Safety SCSh2.


Lab Equipment & Safety

• • SCSh2. Students will use standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory & field investigations.

SCSh4. Students use tools & instruments for observing, measuring, & manipulating scientific equipment & materials

Lab Equipment

• Magnifying Glass (A) • Dissecting Pan (B) • Dissecting Pins (C) • Forceps (D)

Lab Equipment

• Scissors (E) • Probe (F) • Scalpel (G) • Safety Goggles (H)

Lab Equipment

• Triple Beam Balance (I) • Graduated Cylinder (J) • Test Tube (K) • Beaker (L)

Lab Equipment

• Test Tube Rack (M) • Hot Plate (N) • Dropper (O) • Thermometer (P)

Lab Equipment

• Microscope (Q) • Slide (R) • Cover Slip (S) • Petri Dish (T)

Lab Equipment

• Funnel (V) • Meter Stick (W)

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Quiz – Set 1: Tuesday, 8/11/15

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Quiz – Set 2: Thursday, 8/13/15


Steps to Focusing a Microscope

1. Begin with the stage as low as it will go and the low power objective selected.

2. Looking through the eyepiece, use the coarse adjustment to bring the field of view into focus.

3. Change to the high power objective using the revolving nosepiece, and use the fine adjustment to bring the field of view into focus.

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